On-boarding the Future of Yen.io



Hello present, queued, and future #yenizens!

Yen is in beta, and is slowly adding users. It’s a process!

If you would like to be part of the beta, join our growing #quartermaster community, and have a look behind the pajis, join our Patreon https://www.patreon.com/pub/posts

Have you joined the waiting list? https://yen.io
It’s like a Model 3 wait list, minus the $1k deposit and the production issues.

A call for feedback and insight!
How can we better on-board current pub members?
How can we modify our existing pub on-boarding for Yen?

How can Yen.io be compelling enough that you’d send an invite link to friends and family, and that they’d start using the platform?

More discussion to follow, but in the mean time, take a look at what’s happening on the beta - completely publicly!

The "Put me to Work" / "How Can I Help" Thread

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Gotta get the invite link


Click the link above for Yen.io, wait list sign up is right on the home page.

Invite links are a ways away, beta testing barely underway. Have a look beta.yen.io


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Yen.io rap; just goofing around!


Hello people! I’m occasionally in the pub enjoying the extremely good conversation and I want to use Yen exchange. I put my self on the waiting list 3 times already but I’m not using patreon. Is there a way to be an ordinary user of the platform?

Here is a golden render of the logo!




The beta just started, and testers are being slowly on-boarded. Currently on-boarded are DCTV correspondents and others, as well as week 1 card draw group. Those in the on-boarding queue are Alpha Class members, those that went to the atlanta pub meetup two weeks ago, and Quartermasters on patreon. The card draw you are seeing on stream (second one is tomorrow) is for members who have already been assigned a card. They will be on-boarded over the next 4 weeks. From my understanding, barring some new promos only new QMs will follow. Those on the wait list will be on-boarded at some point before Q2 2019, regular users to follow after.

New promo?: Design, create, whatever, something for #Yen and have a chance to get early-access


I just took a look! Wow! It looks super good!

Hey! I would take an uber plane and come to the meeting but I did not know! :wink:




Hey Cryptonation, I have been around the Pub a year and want to get in on the Yen.io, @john said to get in you got to be a Patrion. I’m putting in the work and boneen up and waiting for my lottery number to come up. The 3D logo is cool… I guess he deserves a bump to the front of the line…


Hello Antonio. Nice to meet you and great to have you in the Pub! Please be patient, We slowly un boarding people! You patience will be rewarded!





Verry Nice!!! :headphones::heart::+1:


Thanks @Cryptonio!!!


Big props for @BobbyWayne

This guy has patience and willingness, there’s is time now to go deeper and go through beta cohorts.

Remember to join us on Discord brotha.