On-boarding the Future of Yen.io



So the people that were able to attend the ATL meetup, including non Patrons and possibly non-regular pub goers, go in front of long term Patrons that couldn’t make the meetup and could have possibly been supporting the cause since it all began? :thinking:


@Duttydirtz brotha, how are you, I’m surprised that you think something like that could happen.
It didn’t. I know that in Atlanta meetup was around 60 people, but only those who have been the longest and QM received Golden Tickets and went through onboarding with Peter in His house.

Everything is fair, I do believe that, please be patience.

Have a great night.


That’s a good response bro!

Let’s see what happens. Hope it destroys the divide that some has spoken of. The discord group vs the non discord group.

We should all be one.

Have a good night too


I get your point. For those of you who didn’t really stick with discord, you could feel a little bit left behind.
Everyone was missing Peter’s live streams, but what I can’t understand why people like you @Duttydirtz doing titans work inside and outside the PUB and being really one of the key people in our Community still didn’t join the cohorts.

Of course, there can be plenty of reasons, but You also must stand with a truth, that was only your choice.

QM has inside scoop and regular live stream in the Zoom, totally outside discord, if someone what’s to be involved, there’s no one who stopping you or me.

I tried my best to explain also understanding your point, cause I do, but I’m asking you @Duttydirtz to be patient, things what coming are unbelievable. We all will be highly rewarded.

Between me and you, I really would love to see you on beta cohorts.

All best brother


I and many others aren’t based in your great country. Being in Europe would have meant staying up to like 4am to be part of the cohorts. It was never gonna happen. Which is fine I’m not bothered about that one bit.

I have tried to follow as much as I can and also I’d like to say I’m not trying to be salty or anything I was simply making a statement. These are the same questions and sentiment from many Patrons I speak to in the pub not just myself. I seem to have the loud mouth and dare voice my opinion when others will only discuss it privately.

I am extremely busy with my recruitment business so I don’t have much time for Yen at these early stages anyway but if I didn’t ask the question, for many those questions will continue to turn into negative sentiment! And none of us want that.

It’s all love. I’m always patient. I’ve survived 2018 and still bullish so how much more patient do I have to be? :joy:

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked but I felt like someone needs to say something…


I don’t see any divide.
It’s not a matter of “type of support”

It’s that we’re all supporting yen the way we can.

There are obviously benefits to supporting yen through in-person meetups and discord use.

We can’t please everyone.

All shall be onboarded in time.


Forget I opened up the can of worms, its not my place.

I am excited to learn and earn on Yen :wink:

You’ll always have my support


Brother, believe me I know how it is to live in Europe. I also know, how it’s to be an imigrant who need to work twice much harder then everyone else. Why? Becouse He is from eastern europe, becouse He is not in His country, becouse Brexit comming…etc…


It’s all good man I didnt meant to hijack Johnny’s thread. I just wanted to represent…

Anyway let’s move on.


Brother, there is nothing more than love, it’s all good.
I do understand you and other patrons, but at the same time that was only people choose that, they decided to stay on the side (in the discord matters of course)

Only peace and love


I feel the struggle, every time I try to catchup with the rest I fall asleep like @Duttydirtz
We need to find a good solution, seriously.
I can’t wait to test Yen myself and give feedback. :ok_hand: :fist:


And you will. What kind of solution you would like to see? @cryptohaze


Worldwide presence perhaps? It feels out of sync especially when the timing is way out of reach, maybe something in between. If I have a solution I would’ve mentioned it but currently can’t come up with a sharp clear fix. It’s 1:20 AM mate and I’m a person who wakes up at 4 in the morning, you feel me?


I’m going to play devils advocate again, and offer my honest feedback:

I just tried to catch up on Yen by watching the DCTV “Fireside chat with Yen” video, and this whole “Yen is the new reality”, “Yononites” and “Yeniverse” is a massive turn off for me. Anytime I hear something like this, my instinct is to run in the opposite direction. Cliques may appeal to a few, but for the majority it just leads to hesitation. Could be just my interpretation, but I highly recommend that everyone involved quits perpetrating this mentality.


I fell ya brotha, peace :v:


too bad. those new hashtags are :fire:.


I have reserved Instagram name “yen.io


i tried to create a new account for the beta…unfortunately i failed at the missing invitation code :rofl:


Yes you will need to wait until you receive an invitation code much like you would for a alpha/beta game if you are familiar those processes.


Is there a way to know one’s relative “position” in the queue?

I patiently await my invite link, and am happy to do so. I have a vicious “in-box cycle” though, sadly, which requires mass deletions of emails :joy:

So I have an irrational fear that I will not be paying close enough attention and accidentally nuke my invite.

When will it come, from what address (perhaps I could flag/whitelist it)? I think Peter made a video about this, but scanning #dctv playlist I can’t seem to find it.

Could somebody throw me a rope? :joy::vulcan_salute:t5::mentat::hodor: