On-boarding the Future of Yen.io


I don’t see any divide.
It’s not a matter of “type of support”

It’s that we’re all supporting yen the way we can.

There are obviously benefits to supporting yen through in-person meetups and discord use.

We can’t please everyone.

All shall be onboarded in time.



Forget I opened up the can of worms, its not my place.

I am excited to learn and earn on Yen :wink:

You’ll always have my support



It’s all good man I didnt meant to hijack Johnny’s thread. I just wanted to represent…

Anyway let’s move on.



I feel the struggle, every time I try to catchup with the rest I fall asleep like @Duttydirtz
We need to find a good solution, seriously.
I can’t wait to test Yen myself and give feedback. :ok_hand: :fist:



Worldwide presence perhaps? It feels out of sync especially when the timing is way out of reach, maybe something in between. If I have a solution I would’ve mentioned it but currently can’t come up with a sharp clear fix. It’s 1:20 AM mate and I’m a person who wakes up at 4 in the morning, you feel me?



I’m going to play devils advocate again, and offer my honest feedback:

I just tried to catch up on Yen by watching the DCTV “Fireside chat with Yen” video, and this whole “Yen is the new reality”, “Yononites” and “Yeniverse” is a massive turn off for me. Anytime I hear something like this, my instinct is to run in the opposite direction. Cliques may appeal to a few, but for the majority it just leads to hesitation. Could be just my interpretation, but I highly recommend that everyone involved quits perpetrating this mentality.



too bad. those new hashtags are :fire:.



I have reserved Instagram name “yen.io



i tried to create a new account for the beta…unfortunately i failed at the missing invitation code :rofl:



Yes you will need to wait until you receive an invitation code much like you would for a alpha/beta game if you are familiar those processes.



Is there a way to know one’s relative “position” in the queue?

I patiently await my invite link, and am happy to do so. I have a vicious “in-box cycle” though, sadly, which requires mass deletions of emails :joy:

So I have an irrational fear that I will not be paying close enough attention and accidentally nuke my invite.

When will it come, from what address (perhaps I could flag/whitelist it)? I think Peter made a video about this, but scanning #dctv playlist I can’t seem to find it.

Could somebody throw me a rope? :joy::vulcan_salute:t5::mentat::hodor:



Totally nuking your invite isn’t possible because we care too much about our early testers! If that happened, we’d create an invite specifically for you. So, no worries!

If you ever have any questions or issues, you can always ping one of us directly! Although, i’ll be honest… su@yen.io is the best to connect to regarding onboarding!



Thank you very much sir, I appreciate that. I’ll email from my registration address and maybe there’s a way to see if my number’s up yet? :wink:



Hey folks,

Onboarding Update:

The January batch will be January 21-25. Invite emails will go out Monday morning, January 21st.

The February and March dates haven’t been set in stone, but expect to be around middle of the month. I’ll post in the forum ~2 weeks prior. Thank you!

For reference:

When will I get access to YEN?

If you signed up for Patreon membership before December 31, 2018:

By end of January:

  • $20 Yenizen (joined after Dec 16)

  • $15 CryptoPirate

By End of February:

  • $5 Pub Crawler

By End of March:

  • $1 Tip Jar

If you didn’t sign up for Patreon before December 31, 2018, join the waitlist on https://yen.io

We’ll work through the waitlist starting April.


YEN BETA: Binance is Now Online!

Excellent. THanks for the update!



The invite emails for January have gone out. If you expected to receive one for the January batch, but didn’t, please DM me asap to confirm email.



Time to jump on it!

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Just signed up! Will get settled in once more free time is on my table.



This is it. This is why I CAN.

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Onboarding Update:

The January batch ($20 Yenizen/$15 CryptoPirate) was January 21-25.

The February batch ($5 Pub Crawler) was February 18-24.

If you were in any of the previous batches but missed the window, dm me and we’ll get you added to the upcoming batch.

March batch ($1 Tip Jar) dates have been pushed back to April. April 8th. We want to get a major deployment out with some fixes before the next group onboards, so thank you for your patience!

If you’re not in any of these categories join the waitlist on https://yen.io


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