One of the Less Obvious Values of Becoming a Patron... 🤔

… did you know that once you become a Patron via Patreon there is a dedicated (and much more private) category, just for you?

You can get access for just a buck… a single dollar… a month!

I think this value has become even more apparent as the forum becomes larger (which is a good thing!) we have to find creative and utility-driven ways to make it smaller, if that makes sense.

What this smaller forum of dedicated users allows is much more intimate dialogue, coaching, and perspective. I’m actually liking it a lot these days.

Of course, there is also the Discord Channel as well which is another way we are able to “keep things small” and intimate as we grow:

Learn more here:

Just thought I’d bring it up, one more time.


I’ll finally be joining when I’m back from the semester break in 10 days!


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