Oneclick miner + guide

Hi guys,

I see some people ask question about mining and setup (local) mining pool so i thought i share the official guide:

This file is also available at discord where the official team is hanging.

Oneclick miner (OCM) can be downloaded from:

I’m a bit strange so i like to run the miner myself so i use this instead (same that is build into OCM)

ps. i got better result when i ran the miner separate from the OCM, it might have been improved but i continue to run it like that. See what works best for you.


how do you solo run the miner?

what is the config file?

going to try to compare vs OCM

and the pay out
any different by mining on local node vs other pool ?

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Create a .bat file and have this line in it:
vertminer.exe -a “wallet address” -p “password that you set in OCM” -i 24 -o stratum+tcp://

Remove the “” as well :slight_smile:


I love you… soooooo veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh…

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have you experience period of time without payout ?

just had my 1st 24 hours of mining without payout … with one click miner on local node

now trying solo miner with local node

didn’t work for me
i use this instead
vertminer -o stratum+tcp://localhost:9171 -u wallet_address -p password -i 0

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also i found this

-u address/((mh/s)+(kh/s*0.00000116))


These are so alien like language to me. I wish to understand this… :rofl: . I use MAC. Is there an easy way I can follow?


Something must be wrong then (assuming you have the hashpower, what is your hardware?), also look at this page:
Can you see "Expected Time to Share: "?
There you can see your hashrate and lots of info.
They updated the OCM now so try that. I am trying the buildin miner now to see how well it works now.
So far its working ok. It has matured a bit. Maybe try it ?

I suggest joining discord and asking there about OSX

There is a mining channel. I know they have a wallet for OSX but cant see a miner. I’m sure there is something.

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I tried mining it with the one click miner, using my nvidia gtx 970. Was absurdly low (like, 19 Mh’s or something).
any idea why it is so low, and if there is a way to make it perform better?
Or is it just time to get a 1080TI :sweat_smile:?

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The problem that i found is share difficulty, sometimes the share difficulty given is off the roof resulting in 0 share thus 0 payout

And this is use to set share difficulty

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guys, any reason why it is this low? or is this normal for a single gtx970?

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Yup my 970 does 19~22 mh/s


Sees about right, but you can enable “show cli” in settings and get more info.
You can change intensity but i seem to get about the same no matter what i change, it find the intensity and difficulty level by itself.
I’m not that skilled though so i might not be doing it in a optimal way. My 7x1070 gives about 250-260



my single 1070 give me 41.5mh/s on average

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Thats nice, have you overclocked allot? i actually OC the core with 150 and reduce the power to 85%.

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80%power limit
50 core
350 mem
zotac 1070 amp extreme

acording to gpu-z my power consumption rarely go pass 78%

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Impressive really, although i did not see a notable improvement in memory overclock, usually ETH gains from mem OC.


it was my zcash oc setting

yup pumping my core up to 120
reduce mem clock to 0

average of 43mh/s :muscle: yoooo


had to turn down oc to prevent gpu crash …
stable at
power limit 85
core 95
mem 300
42.3 mh/s avg

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Update on vertcoin mining

DO NOT USE NEWEST VERTCOIN WALLET 0.12.0 if you plan to run local node (VERY bad move done by me … had to roll back to V0.11.0.2 and redownload all the block …:fearful: )

P2pool from one click miner does not support new wallet version use instead

  • DO not use Electrum VTC wallet as mining wallet, it can’t handle mining transaction and will slow down the wallet and maybe crash it

and it take ages to open the wallet if it was closed

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