Open source wallet



I know that Peter is huge fan of exodus wallet. However, it is not open source software.
Personally, as a matter of principle I never install any closed source software on my computer.
Can you suggest me an open source wallet for Linux ? (only Bitcoin support is enough)

Thanks in advance


I understand electrum is widely used. github


I’m big fan of open source but in some cases closed source is better.

Remember that, if there is not a strong dev team& community behind opensource project that make it more insecure .


In the case of electrum, the github project stats are pretty impressive.
166 contributors, many committs per day etc.


Yes it looks great. May i ask, have you ever used it ?


Not personally but I know some people who are using it.
I havent´t heard of any issues, but maybe other pub members can weigh in with their experience?


I have used a small easy wallet called Holy transaction, I keep coin there that I move around in buying trading, the dev is a “vitalik type”. It’s just easy to move small amounts around and not dig around to open storage bins! I’ve heard people do like electrum, have not tried it.


What is wrong using open source software?
The whole bitcoin core is open source.
Fundamentally, your BTCs are generated using open source software.
You should be afraid of that first before worrying about open source wallets :slight_smile:
Flaws are always there in software. When it is open, it can be easy to locate.
You can always run bitcoin core wallet which is you guessed it open source(you will need to download the whole blockchain).


Obviously, that’s a hot topic: how are interrelated e-wallets, open-source’ness, and security. Here’s an article where we expressed our position on it, We’d like to see you join the discussion.