Opening up Cellar door!



Yooo what’s up Cryptonation, I was really encourage by @RavenSkyDaisy and his

Merchants: Master-Mind & Call-to-Action

following by his example I decided to start my thing and create my project which I called Cellar door
I lived deffinitly to long in the down side basement of my life and anology to stand up, open and go through Cellar door will be coming back many times.
The TIME is NOW I hear from the long, long time and it will never be perfect moment to do it, I just need to start!

I will be opening my Cellar door of action, every bloody day and want to model RavenSky way, because it’s just right. I will be showing up every day and building, I will promise you to be me and real, I don’t wanna give any bulshit.

Okay, now I want to share what is behind that Cellar door but I will give you just quick info, more will come in the next few posts, I will keep those as quick notes from my journey, because it will be and as I’m excited at the same time, lol, let me tell you straight, I’m scared shitless :beetconnect: I really am.
I’m just me, and that last doors to open are far away, but it’s exicting.

Cellar door will go deep and an extra mile to create a stunning website for those across YENiverse who are closest to me and need them.
Service will be free of charge but hosted on your server.

more details will come, but there’s Call to Action

I’m looking to connect with people who not only can build websites, there’s plenty of them. I’m looking for people who are willing to serve others first.
I’m going in a very specific direction, and the goal is to earn it by serving others and having fun. That direction will be those last door to open and I don’t wanna share it any details now, because I wanna keep the money as a reward not as motivation.

Let’s do it :yenicorndeal:

The "Put me to Work" / "How Can I Help" Thread
The "Put me to Work" / "How Can I Help" Thread

Wow, this is quite interesting my friend. Im looking foreward to seeing what comes out of this. Never give up and keep reaching out everyday. Very exciting times Kimchi, we are graced to with your kind presence. Good luck to you Ill see you on the flip side ; )


Thank you RavenSky for giving example and keeping very real!


The time is always now.



I’m happy to announce that Cellar door has very first customer and assignment.

When I was planning and thinking about that project there were many questions but I knew one think and where to start. So, We Are pleased to announce that @CryptoMom and @CryptoDad will be our first customers.

Goal an call to action to redesign their website which will be now over new domain

I know that Kayla also wants to have Bitcoin payments integration. Thank you @Bitnative for info about it’s intresing option, I was thinking also of

Guys, share with us of ideas, graphics and everything that will make that website - awesome.
Kayla and Gordon onces again best wishes on your 12th anniversary and please share with us everything what you would like to have on that website.


The first client is always the sweetest. You lucked out with @CryptoMom and @cryptodad, those blueberries!

Here’s a few tips:

Mijireh + Woocommerce



Free SSL Certificate:

edit: @Bitnative with the opennode knowledge


Thank you very much @johnnytturbo for tips. I’m collecting them consistently and will also post them doing some quick review on each one of them!
There is so much amazing stuff on

that’s unbelievable!

it’s all about those blueberries you know what it is :wink:


It’s gonna be a story.
I’m thinking of keeping it very simple, clean but it must be beautiful.

Instead of random pictures, I’m looking one, but very best!

I need help.

  1. first

  2. second

  3. third

  4. fourth

    1. first
    1. second
    1. third
    1. fourth

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Introduce yourself to ACF!

First and third work with text. I feel like the first is more fresh (and clean) for a product site, while the third gives me more of an “upscale” dining experience feel, minus the towel.


always appreciate your feedback!


They’re all good images. The first one is good main page. The others are good filler images on the other pages to exlemplify drop down topics. Keep up the good work and let me know if you need any help in PS.


Thank you! I will be asking for feedback all the time.


Time for those few words when you just need to Stop and Think it’s okay because We as operators are different!

They’re just difficult times, whatever couse them.
Nobody giving up on anything here!

Nothing can stop me!
Nothing can stop you!

#14 is one of the few to experiment with. Looking around, uploading photo, I see that is really HDR lol.

Definitely new to give it more time. Today at work I was thinking about how important and valuable it’s is to do, everything all right.


Also I wanna thank you everyone who voted on best photo!


Can’t wait for the weekend to finally get more time to focus on Cellar Door


@CryptoMom Would you share with us, Why you love Blueberries and what is so special about that fruits?


this is very nice platform but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for.