Opinions About Budget Mining Rig (6x RX560)

Hello I’m an altcoin day trader. It’s been 3 weeks since I start messing around with altcoins, I’m a total noob, yet.

I’m planning to build that RX560 rig and keep trading my earnings with other coins. I wanted to hear your opinions about that. Thank you for your answers.

Total rig cost will be around $1400 in my country.

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Since you are trading this is what I would say.

You will be talking $1400 that you have upfront and getting that repaid to you over an ROI period. Then you will start to earn additional coins.


You can take the $1400 and start trading now.

Mining is more of a hobby. If you are doing well on your altcoin trading and have $1400 to spare, that’s when mining is a good investment. Why? You will be supporting the networks on which you are trading, thereby strengthening your investment.

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