Oversized crypto art is here! 48"x32" inches with a black floating frame, they are MASSIVE!


We had requests for larger pieces and I’m happy to present they are HERE!

Satoshi Whitepaper, Phoenix, and Bitcoin Astronaut, all three now available on a MASSIVE new size, 48"x32" inches which includes a black floating frame. Total overall size with the frame comes to 50"x34" inches. The canvas is hand stretched and mounted around a wooden frame, then installed inside of a floating frame.

Each of these are limited to only FIVE.

You can take 30% off right now with coupon code: OVERSIZE

Side note: The Satoshi Whitepaper was completely redesigned to ensure the highest level of quality at this print size. The text is crisp and sharp, you can check here to see what I mean:


An example of what the floating frame looks like:

Link for purchase: https://lynxartcollection.com/collections/oversized-crypto-art-48x32-framed-canvas-extremely-limited

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an international customer, you’ll need to contact us PRIOR to placing your order, as we cannot offer free shipping on these and will need to get a quote from DHL. International shipping quotes on these sizes ranges from $600-$800. If you are within the US, you can place your order as normal, free shipping is included for all US orders.