Page One Google: 1st Page Placement & The Holy Grail for Targeted Customer Traffic

Why Ranking on the First Page of Google is Considered ‘The Holy Grail’ for Online Visibility & Content Distribution

Google%20Holy%20Grail%201 You can research google ranking statistics till your eyes bleed, but One fact remains constant. The First Page of Google is the Holy Grail Money Pac for your business.
Fact%20logo It is statistically clear if your business or website is ranking on the First page of Google or any other search engines for that matter, you are guaranteed to get more CTRs (Click Through Rates) over competitors ranking lessor than you.

No one knows for sure the Exact statistics for Organic CTRs except for maybe Google itself, and they aren’t about to share the secret sauce any time soon.

After scouring the internet for these CTR statistics I also noticed that everyone is pretty much citing the same links to 5 or 6 major studies conducted between the years 2006 and 2014.

You can throw a dart and pretty much hit the same references to most if not all of these statistical citations listed below from any given blog article.

First Page CTR Results From 2006 to 2014
A study conducted starting in 2006 and ending in 2014 comprised of AOL, Enquiro, Chitika,
Optify, Sligshot and Catalyst revealed the average CTR on the first page of Google to be 76.25% overall.

Although, if had to choose which study was more accurate with their results I would clearly use AOL for the simple fact they pulled nearly 20 million click throughs made by half-million users. To read more Click Here

Using only AOL CTR results, nearly 90% of Click throughs were being logged on only the first Page!

This is Staggering to me.

Here is a comparison for each study and their respective CTRs results.

  • Position 1- 29.9% of 76.25% CTRs of First Page

  • Position 2- 13.08% of. . .

  • Position 3- 9.27% of. . .

  • Position 1-5 avg- 63.67% of. . .

  • Position 1-10- 76.25%

If you wish to read more about this study please Click Here

The Money Pac on any search result is by far the most desired positioning for any business to be located.

This means your business is listed on Googles MapPac AND in the first three organic search results.

In this example, Straight Edge Painting in Jacksonville Florida is the only organic search listing located in the MapPac and in the first three search results.

I guarantee these guys are crushing the competition right now.

The only way I could even help these guys is if they wanted to expand their reach to the west and northern ends of Jacksonville to eventually dominate the entire Jacksonville area.

There’s a good chance they couldn’t even handle the influx of business, but I’ve seen crazier things happen.

The Best Open Source Web Ranking Tracker on the Market

In response to the studies conducted above, MOZ decided to build out the most comprehensive Web Ranking tool for easier data aggregation.

The result was Advanced WEB RANKING tool found HERE

Probably the best Open Source Web Ranking CTR Tracker on the web right now is Advanced WEB RANKING, developed my

There are a lot web trackers services on the internet, but Moz has taken the lead tracking organic CTRs and various other ranking statistics.

While I was doing research for web ranking stats, most of the authoritative digital media bloggers were referring back to Moz and their advanced web ranking tools.

Most Recent Organic CTR Ranking Results According to Advanced WEB
In this graph for Feb 2019 it displays the Organic ranking results for Desktop and Mobile

These are the results:

You can clearly see why being on the first page of Google is the Holy Grail for online exposure no matter what industry you belong to.

The competition is fierce and really the only way you maintain your position on this page is to be active with your online marketing and continually produce value driven content for your targeted audiences.
I have to mention at this point that we are only looking at the tip of this mammouth ice-burg of Global Exposure.

The rise to the top is an arduous and pain staking process, and to Maintain your position on top may take a herculean effort depending on your outlying competition.

Gaming the Google system to easily our rank your competition is getting more and more difficult for even the best in their fields, but it’s not impossible.

Like any other field of expertise it takes time, dedication, and the desire to never quit.

I admittedly am relatively new in this SEO and Online visibility world that has been laid out before me, but damn have I learned a lot in the process.

On the flip side, I’m no longer a novice in this field either. Since starting this journey well over 6 months ago I’ve treated it like a second career putting in 6 to 8 hours a day on top of my day job.

The industry of content marketing and online visibility is still growing and evolving.

There is still plenty of room for on-boarding and we have to remember we are moving into a digital age of enlightenment of sorts.

This next wave of E-com, blogging, YouTube content creation, blockchain, and self-sovereignty is only gaining more speed as people start moving away from the traditional way

of thinking and move more towards communal interdependency and financial liberation through self expression made manifest.

Gaming the system is a fundamental corner-stone in this capitalistic system.

Our inherent intelligence as human beings will constantly push the edges of a man-made technology. We are the ‘Gamers’ in the Ultimate Holographic Game ever created.

All we need to do is realize that each one of has holds the creative power to change everything about ourselves and our realities.

If there is one thing that I have learned being part of this online community it’s that your either ‘busy creating’ or your ‘busy Being created’.

I want to thank you for reading this article till the end and I hope it brought some value to your day.

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For anyone who previously read my article, I mentioned I was going to be revealing a second page Hack that I discovered.

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yeah, organic traffic helps your site become well visited (I guess that it’s obvious) and it increases the rank of your site. By the way, organic traffic is attracted due to back links. Frankly speaking, I used a lot of SEO companies that are engaged into SEO marketing and provide services of link building on the forums. To be honest, I used services of a lot of SEO companies that provided forum links, but as a result, I didn’t see the result as nothing changed, becuase, as it turned out, a lot of companies used old topics and wrote in irrelevant topics on forums… However, that’s my guilty as I tried to buy cheaper services… Nevertheless, I was surprised that there was a single company that provided Forum Links, and it was quite cheap comparing to the competition, but. There is a great “BUT”. The attendance of my site really increased, and, moreover, the rank of my site increased too, and, I guess that is due to the fact that these guys wrote on the forums with high attendance (130-300 thousands in average) and high DA, PA, CF, TF.


What do mean a joke? Is what a joke?

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