Paper wallets for sale! WTF?

A few days ago I heard about this Paper Wallet being sold on eBay. It had 41 sold at that time.

Today, I checked to see if it had anymore sales and sure enough, it did. I realize not everyone can afford to buy a hardware wallet. There is no reason that anyone should need to pay somebody for a paper wallet at all. All it takes is a simple photo of the private key and as soon as Bitcoin is moved into that private key, it will get swept and you will lose your ticket to the moon!

The sad thing is this guy is literally down selling himself and people are still buying them!

Here are some paper wallet generators for those of you looking to move your Bitcoin offline and nobody will have access to your private keys unless you show it to them!

I’ll start with my favorite only because they have multiple coins.

This is the most common paper wallet generator out there.

Below is another paper wallet that can help with physical tampering of your private keys and, you can purchase tamper resistant stickers to show if the private key has ever been viewed before the owner could sweep it.

Shout out to Kenn Bosak for making an awesome tutorial because, I think that his is the best one! He has a follow up video to show people how to use the paper wallet as well.


Hahaha! That’s like selling someone a bank account that you hold passwords for… Kinda scary that people would buy it.


lol IKR!!! I just hope that those people don’t get robbed but their chances are slim.


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@Lance Good job! You rock bro!


The scams are never ending


How come people are still buying this??


eBay allows you to sell cryptocurrency, but you have to sell something tangible along with it. The transfer is probably made before the paper is even put in the mail. The paper is just for show.

I don’t know why anyone would buy it that way, unless they had no other access.


a fool and his/her money are soon parted


The only way this works is if the person issuing the paper wallet is trustworthy, like a family member issuing the paper wallet.

But we have people who “want to buy Bitcoin”. They don’t care to research how to do so, or what they are actually buying. They want to blindly jump on the bandwagon.

I wonder if eBay could be convinced to set a policy on this.


They have one. There’s a multisig transfer involved. The paper wallet is just a greeting card. They have the tangibility rule to allow for disputes.


They aren’t selling wallets. They’re covertly selling Bitcoin. I should have mentioned that. The wallet is just advertising. Usually the amount of wallets is how you choose how much you want to buy. Sometimes they adjust the shipping after communication.


I sell paper wallets locally. its not a bad business model. moving and storing cryptos is not approachable for the non tech savvy. having a service to do that for you brings alot of peace of mind

that said, id never buy it on ebay, and know someone has your private key


I refuse to call people idiots for buying them.


eBay fees aren’t as bad as capital gains. It’s actually pretty clever. Bitcoin is an act of subversion disguised as an investment.

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What a joke…:laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Neo paper wallet/cold storage

•Generate an address through the Generate tab

Extra security

  1. Save Page As from your browser, put on a USB and transfer to your offline computer.

  2. Generate wallet as above

  3. Save WIF Private key (you may need to click the arrow under the blue ‘X’ next to the newly generated wallet to see it)

  4. Select the convert tab and paste this key in the “Private Key” field, change a few number and convert to a new wallet.

**If someone who sees this could go through the j script code file and check it out and post a reply that would be great!

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