Patreon 2.0: Back to the Basics! 👀 🤩 😎



Yeh. We have thought about this. We just want to minimize ops and admin on our side.

I think in the future we can build out something that can support it!


Stripe now accepts :btc: sooooooo ive looked into that integration.


I also have been for BotList Pro subscriptions. Just thought that putting money into that dirty fiat kind of sucks. :wink:


Repost. I’m - admittedly - an emotional fucker, still finding my feet, made a bad joke and got butt hurt over a quite polite adjustment from a moderator. I took this down, but it shouldn’t have been. So I’m putting it back up…and leaving it there. My apologies for working my shit out somewhat pub-licly.

Why I joined the CryptoVerse, and this here CryptoNation by way of The Bitcoin Pub? I got hurt, not financially (though ultimately that too), physically. I herniated three discs in my back, first one, then I healed over 2 months of utter horror, only to herniate two others ten months later. It took 14 months, 7 general practitioners, 2 orthopedic surgeons, 1 neurosurgeon, 2 neurologists, 3 physical therapists, 2 acupuncturists, 4 chiropractors, and a psychologist by the end of it all to get me back to 80% of where I was before the first injury. Thank good fortune (relatively speaking) it happened at work, because I can’t cover that financially, even with co-pay and whatever other hoax of an aid insurance companies provide for you. Thank good fortune I don’t have dependents. Thank good fortune I have a brain I can use to make money with. Thank good fortune I have a strong mental constitution so this didn’t fundamentally change me as a person. For anyone who has ever been sidelined by a severe physical impairment you understand the severity of the assault on your sanity it can be. The psychologist was ultimately the most helpful as mindset is everything. I must admit I threw a few pity parties for myself over the two year debacle, and don’t feel bad about it at all. 24/7 pain will drive anyone mad. Especially if you’re in the midst of building an acting career, and finally have everything lined up, only to watch wash away by circumstance. As if it rained the night before my graffiti debut, and the curtain reveals…a broken vision of supposed brilliance. The most chilling part of the entire experience was the herding of patients by Americas heinous healthcare system. I was prescribed 7 jars of Oxycontin, 3 jars of Soma, 4 of something else and 8 high strength ‘forget about your life’ pill jars. I didn’t take any. I was raised by a Neurosurgeon and that garbage is worse than walking in on Mom actually kissing Santa, in June. I was sent from one apathetic Doctor to another, most of them broke their patient to doctor confidentiality because my boss new things before I did, and my main pain management Dr made eye contact with me twice in 17 visits.

“What is your pain level 0-10?”,
“Well, it’s varied over the past two weeks so-“,
“Just tell me a ball park”,
“I need one number”,
“Ok, 6”
“Are you sure?”
“Ok, see you in two weeks”.

And so it went on. I saw myself becoming a number and an income stream, I saw the scheme from the inside out, and I saw the Matrix. I am a source of fuel for your system, and if I cease to be, you’ll stick your pills in someone else. This assault on the psyche, both what was endured physically but also the recklessness with which the human being was treated like fodder killed my spirit quicker than Schindler’s List. I’m only 4-6 months removed from it and still have issues from time to time, and have therefore forfeit my claim and moved to Europe where I’m blessed to have family that can take me in and set me up with care in a system that exists to get you healed and back to work, not locked up in a drone of pills, pain, fake sympathy and a dismissal.

I saw a system that’s so sick, its begun to eat itself. What could possibly work against that? What could possibly be the great equalizer to all of this? Well, you’re here too, so you know the answer.

Why the Bitcoin Pub specifically? Because these two are family men, and we are a giant family on this earth. It’s what matters to me, and having been the sick sheep who needs shielding from the wolves in the brush for a long time, I need to know there is love and integrity behind everything. I see that here. I see that in the Crypto Nation.

(TL:DR, humility and being reduced to a benchwarmer woke me)


Just signed up…
I felt like I was missing something not being on board.

now, wondering if I did this right…


make sure you have the same email for both services… then they’ll sync. :slight_smile:


Yep. I did use signup with the same email address.
How do I know when it’s sync’d?


18 PM

when this happens… :slight_smile:


Just signed up so I could contribute to the site. I have been lurking for a while and have learned more in a month than I could have in a year on my own. Thanks to Peter, John and the rest of the contributors…awsome content on this site


yaaaaas! we appreciate that!!


A social platform that is your computer pluged in to a current of electricity. Now known as ?/btc

BCC/BTC. BTC/USD allowing a stream of This atl coins to enter your home that powers your electronics TVs Xbox ect… For now PC’ Desktops Bitcoin.bub the plat form. Form of social status earnings doge “coin”

A minable coin like BCC allows you to, alt coin from BCC blockchain …buy hashing power for BTC useing up a now minable electra?/BTC coin or ?/Doge somthing with alot of minable coins so that the more coins = more ÷ value 1.000000000000000000000000 Idk if this makes any sense! Im bad at phrasing what I mean


Just signed up for patreon, keep up the good work!!


thank you kind sir (or madame) … or :doge:!


Let me know when you guys accept crypto.

Generally I’m pretty frugal with my money, but this community and what you guys are doing has gave me and my family so much value… it’s time to give back.

Today, I become a crypto pirate! ahoy! :2017::8bitcoin:





Signed up as QuarterMaster.

Do I need to do anything to attach it to my profile here - or will it just update itself?



when you used the same emailaddress for the pub and patron you will get it automatically :slight_smile:


Thanks - I’ll keep an eye on it :slight_smile:

I’m guessing some extra forum section will appear also?


correct sir :slight_smile:


just wanted to say many thanks to peter and john.! i appreciate your hard work and effort for setting up all of this very much… the pub, the youtube channels etc.

maybe i can give something back by becoming a patreon to show my support for you…i joined the pub just recently and don’t know as much about the whole crypto world as a lot of other people… but i’m excited and really hope to continue learning more and more by being a part of this community!

keep up the fantastic work!