Patreon 2.0: Back to the Basics! 👀 🤩 😎



Thanks for being here friend! We’re doing it bigly! Just you see! :slight_smile:


Thank you guys! Keep doing what you do!


I’m not only a Cryptonaught, I’m a Cryptonaughty!



Don’t… even… know…


I don’t seem to have the ‘p’ on my avatar yet. Can you have a look and see if there’s a problem?


I’m hoping someone can help me better understand patreon. I signed up for patreon and “subbed” to the pub. I got the discord email etc. But it didn’t attach to my account here. Can someone tell me how that is done? E-mail, username? Can I change one of those here so it links, do I need to create a new account here with different info?
I checked my email and that matches here, but my patreon user name is different than my pub user name. I didn’t enter a user name on patreon so either it got it from Google or I created a patreon account sometime in the past and it remembered it.
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@CryptoCrytch @CryptoHobo - make sure your email is the same one that you use for patreon as you use here… that way we can sync via API.


Thanks for the reply. I’m sure I’ve used the same email.


Yea, same here. The email matches here and with patreon
Looks like @Lennytrader might be having the same issue also.


Just checked and I too have a match for both sites.


same here. No sync to my patreon. was wondering why i didn’t see anything in the hub as far as a private channel goes


Two options:

  1. Add the mining script. It asks “do you allow this site to mine while your active on the site” and there’s a slider “yes” - “no”

Then, people can visit the site from work and mininmize the page and mine all day, for your gain.

  1. Put ads on the site.

Not to be rude, but I feel my activity is paying back to the pub because it increases your earning potential. Traffic = usd


appreciate you being here. :stuck_out_tongue: … and… not to be rude… invite more people. :wink:


Every day, brotha… everyday


Hi John! Still no ‘p’ :cry:


DM me… we will get it sorted…


I think I’ve dm’d you. Let me know if you haven’t received it.


The Patreon is functionally a 24/7 Master Mind Group.
I’ve met some very intelligent people I’ll be lifelong friends with.

Thank you for pulling together the Justice League.


For the win! Let’s do it bigly! Self-organization at its best!


I cannot like this comment enough!!!