Patreon 2.0: Back to the Basics! 👀 🤩 😎



Hi John just a quick question here, I recently joined as a “cryptonaught” patron but having technical issues. So on patreon I signed up initially through facebook, but my email address is different than the email here so I cant sync them. On patreon wanted to change this but it needs a password, but there isn’t one as I signed up through FB so should I just delete my patron account and temporarily the crpytonaught, then remake a new account with the same email here and just re-patron up?



yeah. thats a possibility… but, you should be able to add an email to patreon…


did you try the “recover password” option on patreon? You should get a mail from them then.


Im trying to guys but Patreon just seems to have crashed :thinking: I think it just went down for maintenance


good timing :see_no_evil:


Lol looks like I brought the servers down with my password request :rofl:


well im now offically a cryptonaut


glad to have you on the team friend!


Decided to join :slight_smile: To the Moon!


Just joined the party too, keep up the awesome work guys.


finally got round to pledging my allegiance last night, happy to be aboard! :rocket:


@leric90 @jfcristo @the0rgazoid … glad to have you aboard!


just tried it to do this via PayPal but got blank screen on my phone, will retry later


ok worked from my laptop


Became a patreon last night :sunglasses: Looking forward to all to come!


@BHunni and @Amanda_Pieper… glad you’re here!

Btw… my oldest is interested in acting… i see that you are one…! any high-level thoughts for an 11-year old girl?


Just sent you a direct message :relaxed:


You’ll enjoy todays Patreon ONLY drop about ETC!


Just became a Patreon!

Just want to say big shoutout to you guys for creating a place for me to lurk since I joined crypto last year.


glad you’re here! thanks for the support!