Patreon 2.0: Back to the Basics! πŸ‘€ 🀩 😎



Yup i did that to start with. Now using same emails for both :grin:


I seem to have registered as a patron using my hotmail, prob because I used Facebook. Can i swap this over so I don’t lose all my history on here?


Yup! That should work!


Sorry John how do I go about doing that? Can you upgrade this account? Instead of me using 2 logins.


Dm me privately and we will get it figured.


Hello fellow Patreons, Ive become the 620th Patreon!!! I am now a Cryptonaut.

I am so pleased to become a Cryptonaut. The content you create is the best in the whole cryptoverse.

I have no intention of going to the moon, Im going to buy it!! or at least by a country like the guy Peter spoke to on Skype!!

Keep up the good work



welcome to the core team! :doge:


@john and @peter, thanks for the great work, I’ve upped my Patreon pledge from Cryptopirate to Cryptonaut.


Just became a patron (pirate level). With what I can save, I will put into BTC and my alts. Used a different email to sign up with patreon than for the pub, but before making my patreon, I did change my email preferences on my pub account to match the email I used for patreon, so hopefully everything will transfer over. Looking forward to the discords/badges/etc, and all those future gains.

Paying it forward.


Thank you. Our hope is to create 100X the value that you bring paying it forward to the next group of folks behind you!


Of course!

Do you need some kind of proof that I have signed up, like a post on a patreon-only video section? It looks like I can get into the discord as well, but I don’t have a discord account set up at the moment, though I am looking into it right now…




Nice to be on the team!

Now to check out that nice backlog of patreon videos!




Sweet, pay day and signed up to patreon!


Here we go! Just signed up! :sunglasses:


How to sync patreon account? any advice? :sweat_smile:


Just wait. If you used same email address it’ll resolve in time.


Yes, I used the same email! Thank you !


I just signed up. Thank you guys for providing a great website. I’ve learned so much here from great people already.