Patreon 2.0: Back to the Basics! 👀 🤩 😎



you need to have the same email address on both services.


Got myself a virtual credit card for free :smiley: Patron now


Welkom Kevin!!


you need bezant mate. They will sort out the payments without need for a bank account :wink:


I dont have credit card /Paypal , Can I pay in cryptocurrency ?


not at this time… but, sometime soon… #yen


Patreon account suspended :frowning: . I wanted to try it out.


Signed up for patreon. Where can I find the patreon section of the pub?


just look for it… one of the top-end categories!


@John if I move up to a new patreon support level will my old level payment automatically get cancelled or is there something I have to do ?

Cheers John :+1::sunglasses:


If u upgrade it’ll just move access up. No worries!


OK Cheers @Peter :sunglasses::+1:


i think you can easily just upgrade your pledge level… that shouldn’t be a problem!


patreon sub via crypto coming? might be pretty cool


Hi John I have just signed up for patreon. How would I get access to patreon only blogs?


@john, do I have access to the patreon content in this PUB? I never checked this page until today.


you should if you’re a patron!


pedro, juan,
planning on patreoning soon - have a good one fellas :muscle:


can’t wait. :slight_smile: thanks for the support in advance!


I want to stop my patreon membership. How to do this guys? Can not find it anywhere… @john @peter