Patreon 3.0 - Our Third Iteration!



Yes! As some of you have noticed!
We’ve made it to our third iteration of!

We’ve been through changes before:

But don’t worry about those threads…

Patreon 3.0


  • $1 to support! Easy as pie!
  • $5 to get discord so you can chat away!
  • $20 for early access to and all behind the scenes content… like 5+ posts per week!

We wanted to make it simple and price sensitive. We no longer have any needs to make the price barrier high, but we have A/B tested a lot, and feel like the access you can get to us (don’t forget office hours with @peter!) plus all the Behind the Scenes content at a price that allows us to create a tight knit group of really excited people to help us test and co-build our projects together.


Take a look at our wiki for our company and projects.

We update it weekly! It’s the SOURCE OF TRUTH!

Thanks all for your continued support!
Simply put, you guys are helping us make product and design decisions that we believe will effect millions of users.

Let’s build together!.. now is ALWAYS the time.


Im confuse about the early acess thing

I have a feeling this will be the third and final iteration of Patreon before it’s deprecated for bigger and better things. :yenio: