Patreon October Townhall!



We are having our first-ever Patreon Townhall this Saturday @ 8:00am EST / 5:00am PST!!

We’ll be sharing a number of things with our patrons, especially about our Product and Community Roadmap and where we plan on going in the coming future!

It’s going to be great! I hope you can join us!

If you want to join us, become a Patreon here!


5:00am on a Saturday? What the hell are you trying to do to me! 19 hour day here I come. ha


Sorry my man! It’s unfortunately the ONLY time where I can get the MOST coverage for all timezones as we have Patreons from around the globe! You West Coast guys… wake up and SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!


I don’t need to be wasting my time sleeping anyway so I’m ok with it! Do we know the extent of how long this will be though?


I’ll either wake @terence up, or keep him up ALL night. We’ll be there with our pajamas on :joy:


You owe me some Korean BBQ for making me wake up that early :joy:.


Holy macaroni! That’s early yo…


I’ll get up for this things… but WAIT TILL I HAVE MY COFFEE… THIS ISNT EVEN MY FINAL FORM!


#TeamNoSleep #WhenYen #pioneers #pubfirst

Shout out to @Hexdek16 too! #pioneers