Patreon on Tour [Presentation & Notes]

Last week I was invited to attend an event at Patreon’s HQ here in SF and it was an opportunity for their team to meet many of the Patreon Creators as well as help educate and encourage them to build even better and more value-driven patron communities!

Below is one of the presentations that was given:

The reason I’m sharing this with you is two-fold:

  1. That @peter and I are continuing to refine our approach to all facets of business-building. Although we have done this before (i.e. build companies) we’ve never built one quite like this and we are not arrogant enough to believe that we know much of anything as it relates to a community-powered project! We are in “learning mode” always, just like you and make strategic investments of our time as best as we can.
  2. We want to share with you what we learn, not just the results. So, giving you this presentation will allow you to see some of the ideas that were shared and you can track those back to things that we may experiment with and iterate on! Transparency rules, always.

Hopefully this is cool! Let us know if you have any questions… and, of course, if you’re not part of our Patreon Community… you’re missing out!


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