Patreon Thumbnail from the Pub?



Working through a thumbnail for all patreon videos.

I’m just not feeling inspired.
Would like to make something cool that has the following elements:

“Behind the Scenes”

My head and the Patreon logo…

Other than that… a cool design or something…

Anybody wanna take a crack at it?




What I have so far… but it’s shitty. Please make something better?


Sorry bro that one is creepy af :joy:

the voyeur :eyes:


i know. That’s why I need help. I sat there for about 15 minutes doing different things… I just couldn’t get it today… so I’m reaching out.


I know the feeling mate my heads up my ass today and I’m just about to start a night shift.
I’m sure the pub will help you out :ok_hand:


I suck bad at graphics and art so I’m not even going to try but just wanted to say that last one is hilarious. :rofl:

Where’s the doge?


Something like this?


100%! Thanks so much! I’ll use it!


Very nice!! That makes me want to click!! Hahaha


Maybe some bitcoin logo somewhere?


I love it! Maybe just put doge ears on you, hehehe



나는 단지 일어났다))))))