Paul Solotshi as a new Satoshi possibility! This would be truly crazy if real;-)

There is obviously a new Satoshi theory every year but I will say that this one is fucking insane and taps into something we have all written off in the craziest way ever. This might be 100 thousand percent crazier than anything I’ve ever heard yet. It all revolves around a guy named Paul Solotshi. Ask around about this one if you haven’t already. I really would love to know what you all think about this one;-) What if Faketoshi has the 1 million BTC but just can’t get through a Truecrypt file? This is a more realistic possibility, in fact this is the only realistic possibility I’ve ever heard involving Faketoshi Craig Wright. Paul Solotshi looks like a pretty fucking crazy dude;-) What do you think???

New Evidence Suggests Satoshi Nakamoto Is Paul Solotshi, The Creator Of Encryption Software E4M And TrueCrypt


After newsweek falsely id’d that Japanese programmer as Satoshi Nakamoto, Nakamoto logged in to that forum for the first time since 2009 and said “I am not dorian Nakamoto “ Was Le roux incarcerated then or in any position to post? What do you think? Do any of you have any incite on this?


For example, in 2009 when Satoshi was refining Bitcoin, Le Roux was already establishing himself as a cartel boss, and is known to have been drug smuggling and gun running. How would Satoshi be able to do all of this while also starting a forum and answering noobs’ questions about Bitcoin?

Wright derangement syndrome is so high, people would rather deflect him by pinning satoshi to a drug peddler


Craig Wright hearing: live update

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