PEPENOMIC - My new adventure into investing and youtube!

Hello guys,
First, i want to thank this forum. I started to invest for real starting with BITCOIN when it was less than 1000 dollars. ( sadly was a 500 dollars investment only…)

I just started a channel about personal finance and investing. In the future i am going to add some crypto videos, but not only.

If anybody is interested in investing, finance, and what is happening around, please follow me and SUBSCRIBE.

I have 9 subscribers only… and i need all the love i can get to make this new adventure successful.

Thank you and see you on the moon with BTC!!

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BTW feedback are super welcome!!

My next video is gonna be about SpaceX… so a bit on rocket moon coming anyway ;):wink: :laughing: :rocket: :doge:

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Here we go!!! :grin: :rocket: :rocket: :doge: :doge:

At the end of the video, there is a little friend of us crypto pub;). Let me know if you find it!!! yooooooooooo

Let me know if i am going in the right direction.
I want to make sure that i give some interesting and useful info. cheers

A bit more motivational video. I hope you enjoy it!

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