Peter - Dogelord - DCTV thread





Done. Pinned for two weeks sir.



Google Big Data::: Where is the balance? I personally don’t even trust Chrome extensions… because Chrome is made by Goolag… Luckily, I finally found a Ledger app that works without Goolag (ledger Live)… I just hope the Uppward project will release a stand alone app… Just knowing Goolag has their claws digging into Etherium makes me nervous about my ERC20 holdings… Think GOD ICX is main net now.


Agreed. I minimize my use of ledger bc of google.


I love how people want to pin Bitcoin to illegal activities with money exchange… Iran deal anyone?


It’s commonly known that fiat is the main mechanism. Bitcoin is like 1/10000000th of it





How has Jordan Belfort even got a voice. Before I watched the video I said to my self the bloke scammed people out of millions :thinking:


They should be down right ashamed of themselves for giving him a platform. It’s like me bringing in the founder of bitconnect to talk about the future bitcoin.


So Peter’s messages lately are very straight and simple.

  1. There is time to build

  2. The time is now

and like you said in that news bit, they’re only two question now

1st What Do We Do?
2nd How are We do it?

Do I believe future will be tokenized?

I have my own 4 personal tokens.
2 on ETH, on the one - NEO and Waves.
For testing!

Future will be tokenized! No question about it, because of accessibility will revolutionize crowdfunding totally, globally and forever.


This is something that’s really interesting to me in regards to crypto. Many people say that blockchain isn’t the future, and then they end up switching back to traditional investments. The funny thing is that those traditional assets will most likely be tokenized in the future via blockchain. In other words, those people might end up utilizing what they’ve doubted so much in the end :slight_smile: .


Yes you right Matt, however there are people out there who never doubt the code, solution, smart contract, you name it. Right opposite, possible and exiting but related to them? Really?

Life of a G.

They are people reading those words sick and tired of never ending trying with me, because people suffer because of that and so much time wasted. But doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

I’m speechless because of them who still fighting.

So what next?



Thank you for your tough words and opened my eyes with @MaxP

According to Peter’s news bits, western education system is more broken than you think.
They can laugh with yours having problem to know some geographic details but you can communicate, cooperate and believe what’s possible. We’ been taught to know answers on everything what possible but couldn’t apply to our lives, and crushes what’s possible.