Peter got a mention



See the link I have placed into general discord.

Saw @Peter and his lambo in the webinar.




but no pics tho?! sadness. i clicked on it but didn’t want to join


@Peter - its a sales pitch… for a mentor programme.

I think I have a mentor or mentors!!!



Not overly impressed. I filled out the application form. The webimar didnt teach me anything new and he handed out a free pdf book too and that didnt teach me anything either.

It was so bad I have removed the link on discord. A waste of time!

All quite disappointing really. Live the pub and make the “Crash bot” DCA to the moon".



Apologies for posting here.

I am getting a Internal Service Error when I try and send a message or make a new post.

Anyone have any ideas?



Nope. All good. Should be fixed?