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Peter Saddington - Live Stream Schedule - ***UPDATED

Usually 8PM on Sundays and Wednesdays…

I will probably just begin streaming whenever… again.


Yay! Missed the livestream and everyone.


Oh No! not a livestream every day anymore? Now how am i going to fill that hour at work every day?? :joy::joy:

Jokes aside, good your back again man!


Looking forward to it!!


Thanks Peter. Glad to see you are doing things in moderation.


Glad to see that the stream will continue, it was great to have it everyday but we know you got product to build and I am excited to see what you guys are coming up with. Thanks for all you do Peter cause there is not much for us out here is the middle of the Pacific.


I’m in :slight_smile:


maybe we should get more folks livestreaming via the pub, then we could have our own channel on some other platform…


cool twice a week. only 1hr stream?


I think that was one of the objectives of DCTV to eventually be like a 24/7 news channel of different people for content as well.


Yes. It was, but we found all those who wanted to help us could not keep pace with our work schedule… so it emerged to be… just me…


Gotta find a happy medium of output/input…there is a need out there for this, its just a matter of continual creation and innovation via the media… finding the right plug-ins, and sponsors would be key… a livestreaming, multifunctional video service for youtubers who want no ads, ala Netflix…
Shoot I wouldn’t mind paying $10-15 a month…or via gaming system like Xbox or PS4… or even KODI…


Can we have an emergency stream for the ICX listing?


It’s true you pump out videos like nobody’s business lol! I did send you a few more vids though, haven’t seen em yet??


Have to work today, will probably miss the stream! :sob:


Wednesday Atlanta time?


when stream :pray::icx:


todays stream March 21 was on the other channel bitesizeitcoin youtube channel.


@kortik thanks for the info, going to go and watch.


But I thought thats what this thread was for to let us know when it was going to be on. not after the fact. what was that a heads up on the discord or something? if so why make an EVENT and close everyone out