Peter Live Stream Schedule - DecentralizedTV // BiteSizeBitcoin



Conveniently on my two off days :slight_smile: . Thanks Peter.


April fools on the stream today, too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not like this guys, not like this


8pm at what time zone? It’s 2am here already :stuck_out_tongue:


An April Fool’s stream where you shill Tron for at least 10 minutes would be nice.


Sorry guys. I put it out on Discord that Easter Sunday me and the booins gunna chill. :slight_smile:
Have a good one!


Man, I really need to become patreon - -’ could have saved me 2 hours of sleep :joy:


Hi Peter, hi guys… What is going with Peter’s live streaming videos? Sorry in advance if you already answered on this question somewhere.

Miss you… (no homo) :slight_smile:


Streams are blocked by YouTube, but we as patrons
have great time with Peter on our discord chat.
*No homo


Miss the live streams… Discord just isn’t the same. Shame really but at least we still got the pub


Same here bro, made my night shifts more bearable. Miss the big sexy korean bastard :cry:


Yeah true that brother. Discord is all well and good but if I don’t see that gorgeous face then it’s not real


Dealing with not having the stream like.


No more live stream you say?


I usually watch the recording anyway but I did catch one live which was during the Bezant ICO. I also won a mother fucking giveaway as well.

The emotions I went through that night made it one of the best in my Crypto life.



Don’t give me ideas bro, I’ll do it you do it :joy:


Didn’t you frame the Y fronts?


Saving it for you know who :wink: when we meet at the KBBQ meet up :sweat_smile:

Gonna take the licence plate everywhere with me and make a thread on it.


Sheeeeeeeeeit son :joy: :see_no_evil:


We’ll be ramping up live stream again… as soon as Youtube turns us back on… both youtube channels right now are locked down…


Good man! Miss those Tubes!