Peter when are you going to do a pub meet up in Florida? Hopefully Miami πŸ˜€ Or West Palm Beach πŸ˜€


Peter, please let me know when you are good g to do a Bitcoin pub meet up in Florida I would like to come hang out and party Fat Puddin style!!!


I can do one. I don’t mind driving down there either. Time to bring the lambo out.


I’d love to catch up from over here in Naples, FL


Yo yo yo lol! We’ll be in Miami for the Bitcoin Conference on Jan 17-20, 2018 - - Come to our after party on the 19, we can do a live stream for the Pub!


I’m going I will see you there !!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Whoop whoop lol! Spread the word, bring your friends, see you there!


Yesss, what about sometime between Jan 17-20?? Let’s do it BIGLY yo lol!
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Just let me know what’s going on I’m about 45 minutes from Miami I work down there so just let me know





You know it! @KennethBosak will be there too, right bro bro? #teamnosleep


I think that’s correct he said he was going


guys for those who lives in FL, which is not too far away from atlanta, GA

you can come to the meet-up here in atlanta and its confirmed and setup: Follow the link.