Peter's Cost Averaging Template (Modified)

To make a copy go to File > Make a copy in the upper left.

I’ve been wanting to get more familiar with doing finance in Google Sheets, so I took Peter’s Litecoin Cost Averaging Template and started playing around. Thanks Peter!

Since I’m pretty new to all this, I wanted to keep it simple. I didn’t plan on keeping track of trade or transfer fees, this is mainly just a quick overview of my total investments and holdings.

Overall… I’m pretty happy with it, Google Sheets is kind of fun. I’m open to any feedback and of course, you’re welcome to copy it.

Some details on a few of the formulas and the Add-on.

This formula will autofill any cell in the B column unless the C and D columns are empty.

This formula will autofill any cell in the E column unless the adjacent D column is empty.

I installed the CRYPTOFINANCE Add-on for this sheet, it pulls the current price of BTC or other currencies. You can specify currency to currency and exchange (if any) to pull from.

More information on the CRYPTOFINANCE Add-on can be found here.
How to get crypto-currencies rates and more in Google Sheets

Good topics on cost averaging and value averaging.
Dollar Cost Averaging [DCA] - Best Days of the Week
Dollar Value Averaging


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High Five just isn’t enough. You definitely deserve a badge! :grin:


Thank you for sharing this! Is this something I can download and modify/use for myself? Haven’t used Google Docs a ton, but if I can use it, do I ask you for editing privileges or is there a way to duplicate it and save a copy for my use? This is fantastic!


This is awesome!! thanks!


Thank you, this is very helpful! :beers:


Much amazed! This is super awesome and very useful! I have always wanted to learn, this makes it easier for me.
Thank you Thank you! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


EXPLOSION IN THE PANTSSSSSSSS! Dude, this is amazing! Thank you so much!


Awesome job ! Thank you very much !
As an improvement would be a nice idea to add a fees column ?
Because right now the BTC Amount doesn’t correspond exactly to the investment column as fees are not taken care of.


Thanks everyone! Glad you like it! Happy to share. :smiley:

@Siggy You can make a copy for yourself by going to File > Make a copy in the upper left, then you should be able to edit the copy however you want.

@Looping18 I see what you mean, I didn’t think of adding a Fees column. Hmmm, I could either add a fees column or make the BTC AMOUNT column manual, so you could input the actual amount in your wallet after transfer but then you’d have to do the math each time you added more to your wallet. Damn fees…


This is awesome, thank you so much!


Thank you so much! I need to follow this. Its easy to get caught up in the emotion. Like right now at all time highs I’m FOMOin like a MOFO but need to stick with consistent cost averaging!! :stuck_out_tongue:



Great update to the format. Thanks :grin:


I think adding a fee column would be the best.


Yeah, for now I’m just going to enter the amount that ends up in my wallet after transfer fees. I think I would have to add 2 more columns.

[Amount before fees] [Fees] [Amount after fees]

The total USD invested won’t change regardless of fees, you’ll just end up with slightly less BTC/ETH/LTC in your wallet after transfer. Though I noticed I didn’t get a fee when transferring my LTC recently. Is that always the case with LTC?

For example:

  • $100 to buy 1.4 LTC
  • Transfer 1.4 LTC to wallet
  • minus 0.1 LTC fee for transfer
  • 1.3 LTC received in wallet
  • So in the end, it cost me $100 for 1.3 LTC

I’ll experiment with a Fees column, see if I can figure it out.
I need some more practice with buying and transferring coins to my wallet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What do others think about tracking fees? Yay? Nay?


If we do cost averagering over a year I think fees should not be avoided. I was not talking fees tranfert from exchange to wallet but from FIAT to LTC/ETH/BTC.

For example on coinbase, if I purchase every week 100$CAD of LTC it cost me 3.84$CAD fees.
If I do that for one year :
52*3.84= ~200$CAD of fees for a total investment of 5200$CAD


Oh, okay. Sorry.

Are you talking about…
FIAT fees from transferring FIAT from your bank to Coinbase FIAT wallet or FIAT fees from buying LTC directly from Coinbase?

I’ve been transferring USD from my bank to the Coinbase USD wallet, then transferring the USD from Coinbase to GDAX to buy coins. I haven’t seen any fees when doing this, maybe I’m missing them.


As reference you can watch @peter video’s :

At 1.18 min you can see that a fee has been applied when he purchased LTC from his wallet.
I think it’s FIAT fees from buying LTC directly from Coinbase.

If someone have both FIAT fees bank => Coinbase FIAT and then Coinbase FIAT ==> LTC then he just have to add both fees on the fees column otherwise it will be to difficult to calculate every kind of fees.

As Coinbase and GDAX are the same entities may be you have no fees when you do a transfer.


Ah, I see. I’ve been avoiding those fees by transferring USD from my bank to Coinbase (no fee from bank or Coinbase), then USD from Coinbase to GDAX (no fee), buying coins and transferring them to wallet from GDAX.
Do Canadians not get free transfer from bank to Coinbase? Guess it might vary bank to bank.

You could add the fee to the investment unless you want to track fees separately.
($100 + $2.99 fee = $102.99 total investment)

Peter did a video on zero fees through Coinbase.


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