Peter's Lambo Interview with KBS News Reporter Mr. Lee for Patrons

Hey all,

Awesome new video for Patrons you should have in your E-mail (don’t share the video link, it’s for Patrons only please!)

One funny bit from the video. Here’s the reporter asking peter to stay in the same line and to not go faster: :rofl:

You really should watch it, especially for the interesting comments from Peter about the Asian markets and cryptocurrencies. Make sure you play with the 360 degree camera control using the virtual 4-directional arrow pad in the upper left hand corner. Also note that as you move the camera around the volume of the voices changes too so the audio is 360 degrees too!.

@peter and @john - That audio feature could be awesome if you interview multiple people in the same room, allowing people to “select/emphasize” various speakers in the room by moving the camera around.

Here Mr. Lee seems to indicate he’s in favor of the ability that fiat money has to use inflation, by printing more currency, to redistribute wealth from the haves to the have-nots (he states that he doesn’t like the fact that Bitcoin has a fixed number of tokens). If I’m correct in my interpretation of his position, then I do agree with his desire to rectify the unjust social inequality between people, as opposed to the natural inequality that emerges due to a variance in the amount of hours worked, and the varying skill levels between different people. However, I don’t feel devaluing a currency by making more of it is the right way to do it. So here, I respectfully disagree with the erudite Mr. Lee:

Slow down Peter! It is considered vary bad practice from a marketing perspective to induce a brownberry explosion in the pants in a visiting media mogul’s poggies (spelling probably wrong :slight_smile: )!


Jimmy Carter tho?!?!

@peter you should be humbled!! haha


Any gouge on how to access the 360 degree features? Is there a setting on youtube, because I don’t have the camera control on the upper left hand side.



try watching it on mobile. if not. try desktop


This is so cool…
Reminds me of some movies where the main character picks up the mafia of China town lol.
Keep up the hard work petahh. This community and your leadership are amazing.


Enjoyed the video :smiley: @peter I guess SBS & MBC are coming over to do an interview too?!


Probably one of my favorite things about the video was this fantastic analogy on institutions spreading FUD.

“Ask a taxi driver if he likes Uber. What do you think he’ll say?”

Using that one from now on.


Here is the OG video from KBS news: