PHOTON (PHO) - The Million Pho Club

Date 01/05/18
Price : $0.000822
Telegram: This the main group.

People of crypto…:grinning:

Pho is the name, it’s mooning hard, people are getting some serious Phomo right now and I believe it’s because it’s a stupid coin.

There’s also some rumour of a random bunch of rag tags devs trying to revive the project.

I believe you should all join me in the Million Pho Club, why? Because this is crypto, and it’s just for lols.

I’m not saying that you’ll make any money on this coin, but what I can tell you is if you hold a million of these you’ll be part of an elite group of special individuals who one day will become millionaires.

That day will be when Pho hits 1$. Which we all know by how this last month has gone, most coins under 1$ will hit 1$.

Join the Million Pho Club and see how much better life gets, see how much more money you make, see how much better the air smells, the food you eat after joining the club tastes better, especially Pho.

Join me friends. It’s cheap. it’s Pho.

:grinning: Get it on cryptopia :joy:

:sweat_smile: There is a saying. Pho is Ethereum of Viet Nam :sweat_smile:


I like viet phó :doge:

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The name PHO makes me want to eat noodles. :slight_smile:


The real question is how do you pronounce the name of the coin? Is it “Fuh” or “Foe”? :grinning:


Anyone following PHO? It seems there is some implementation in some game mods.

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Wouldn’t look at it and stay far away from it if i was you


I’d agree with Red, I did on a suggestion and didn’t do due diligence with researching and hold some soggy, expensive bags.

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Wow! You said its cheap! But now; $0,000078 USD :frowning: Hope you are not holding :smiley:

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Take a look at this thread. A few of us took some chances back in January buying PHO, but it was more for the lulz. :joy:

Unfortuantely there was a lot of FUD around at that time and the guys that were running the PHO community back then accused each other of destroying the project, not delivering and running away with donations.

After all that FUD BlueDragon747 took back the lead on this project and it’s now running as a part of the Blake Community. They do make some slow, but steady progress though. I am stilling following their Telegram group every now and then as I am also a proud owner of PHO :slight_smile: and hodling it to the :new_moon:

Don’t trust someone who bought in at 5 SAT :joy: - this is not a financial advice :exclamation: