Please do not give money to the bell ringers


My favourite bible verse is Ecclesiastes 10:19

โ€œA feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything.โ€ :smile:


That is exactly why I said what I said. Now again with regards to your Lie and discriminate comment. This is two different items. The first the lieing this was the action of one man not the organisation so you have to separate this from the entire organisation. Secondly discrimination this is something that is done by all groups even us here at the Pub (like my example above) so no matter what organisation you support or are part of you are involved in some sort of discrimination. With that being said this becomes a moot and irrelevant point.

I do give food to the local food pantries and also give a bit to organisations like the Salvation Army, Childrens Hospital among others.

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I agree completely. Itโ€™s true you can find an occasional positive message but if you really need that to know what is right and wrong or for inspiration then you just arenโ€™t listening to your heart. The heart is connected in some way to the divine truth that religion fails to account for, covers up, and sometimes passes off for things untrue. In my opinion inner peace is not found outside the self but inside.

My favorite is Exodus 32:20 โ€œAnd Moses took the golden calf that they had made and he burned it in the fire turned it into powder, and made the children of Israel drink it.โ€

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