Please read before judging (Chaincoin)

Hello guys,

Let me start by saying that for the people who have a bad memory from Chaincoin i totally agree with that sentiment!
It was misused by some people for a pump and dump not long ago.
I myself used to follow the guy behind the pump (Max). I “knew” him from the old days when he reviewed Android phones and i liked his videos so i got got into the drama. Not for the pump but for the social aspect of it (much like why i joined @peter youtube and the pub ) and you know from my previous posts that i’m a hodler so i thought why not invest in CHC at the time, it was still cheap. At first it was very fun but then came the mistrust, internal conflicts, dumping and the rest is history.
I left the group and was really sad about it. Some how i missed the community so a few days ago i went to visit the Slack channel to see what has been going on. I was very surprised to see a new team in charge who is very dedicated to change things. Some few things i managed to dig out during these last few days:

  • New webpage
  • New roadmap (need more work)
  • New payment model in work (much like Dash where 45% goes to miners, 45% to Masternodes and 10% for development)
  • New developers (need more work)
  • Project planing page where the people behind the CHC are working hard to get things into place.
  • Voting system to vote on important decision (like if MN owners should decide the future of CHC)
  • More github update

I’m not saying CHC will make it to the top at this point but i’m a crypto fan and i like the people involved. They are very helpful and i can see that they are putting the time to improve the reputation and make the CHC up to date.

Last but not least, for fun i setup a Masternode myself :slight_smile: i love the experimentation, i’m no linux hardcore but it was fairly easy. There are tons of guides online but i can help if anyone is interested in MN. Please dont take this as hyping CHC or anything, i want to be transparent and as mentioned i love crypto and invest in the ones i like.
My main portfolio is now BTC/LTC/ETH/VTC/GOLEM, will be getting NEO again once it goes down if it ever does. And now i also have a MN for CHC.

Sorry for the long post. I hope you read everything before judging :slight_smile:

What i would like to ask if possible is to get a sub category to discuss news, updates and answer question here.
I love this pub and promote it to my friends so obviously i asked the team behind CHC if we could take our discussion here. They agreed.
@peter what do you think? is it ok to have a sub category here?


Done. You’ll be the first post in the Chain coin sub-cat.
You took the time to fully detail your case.
This is the behavior I’d like to reward in this Pub.

To the Moon. :space_invader:


This sounds like they are on the right path lets see if they can pull it out of the grave. I almost went the route that you did but chose BURST to start my crypto experience and guess what it was just as drama infested as the whole CHC coin was. But I still have my BURST miner up and running. I may look into the CHC master node just to go through the process of setting one up. You know expand that crypto knowledge.


A lot of new people were not here for the ChainCoin drama, so it’s going to be hard to get the trust from the community back. Let’s hope it does.


You are so right Nacoleon! We have a lot of work ahead of us and are enthused about the journey! We have a core dedicated community and so many more observing and wishing for the best. We hope to inspire people to get off the sidelines, get in the game and help Chaincoin rise from the ashes of this “Selling Event” Thanks for having us here!


I just tuck it away for - that Day! I do know much about the coin, realistically - I bought it for the wallet! :cowboy_hat_face:

I paid so little for it, it really is “Doge” for me right now - Hope you all can find a great use for the coin! (Honestly I have done Zero Research, it was cheap after the Huge Dump. So I had some fun, made a wallet - and stuffed it with Chaincoin :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks allot @peter! Respect!

Let me know if you get stuck or need help when / if you setup the MN, there are lots of good videos, this is the one i followed myself:

It can only get better :slight_smile:


Still the biggest pump and dump in the history from 2500 sats too 0,0025 BTC in two weeks. Max is the most evil genius

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Why doesn’t the new team just fork off of the Chaincoin and give it a new name? I think it would make more sense, given the brand has already had a bad reputation.

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Actually it was up for a debate but most of us actually like the name. Thats why we joined. Also new people wont know the bad history. Team is working hard to update the code and create roadmap etc. So its not the old gang anymore. Join discord and find out for yourself.


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