Please tips on saving (daily) withdraw fees as day trader

Hi there. I would like tips on saving withdraw fees as day trader. If you trade with a HODL strategy it obviously doesn’t matter too much to pay the fee to withdraw once. But if I want to keep my day trading funds save in a hardware wallet how can I avoid paying fees daily? I could also leave it into my (binance) account, but that would limit the amount of $ I can trade with since it wouldn’t be safe. Any ideas of storing funds safe and cheap without jeopardising it? Thx in advance for any good info!

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Its not risk free, but one thing you could do is convert to Neo or Gas, they are free to withdraw, plus the transaction are fast.
But than again, you could get caught in a bad position over night, loosing even more money.

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It is indeed, so it would depend on the MA- prospect I’d say. But it’s good to know that they are exempt from withdraw fees (although I don’t get why, I still ike it)

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The only issue with this is that you will have another “taxable” event that you’d need to keep track of.

I would split your funds between exchanges and have 2FA and IP locking enabled.


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