Poland - Bitfinex Bank Account


Any news from Polish pub members about the billions of Zloty’s seized by Polish authorities?


@mihciu92 did you see the story on Polish news channels? It was on your leading network TVP.

Link for the TV broadcast in Polish http://www.tvp.info/36692986/kolumbijskie-kartele-praly-setki-milionow-przez-spolki-z-pruszkowa-i-okolic

Despite Bitfinex saying yesterday that they would confirm, later in the day, that they are not involved they appear to have failed to follow it up.

Make of that what you will.



A strong thing revealed, however no insider news from me. :roll_eyes:




@mihciu92 yes I have been following the comments from Bitfinex and personally I don’t like some of the wording they use.

“based on all evidence and information available …”
" the relevant authorities have found no reason to act …"

Maybe it’s just the legal team that put these statements together but I would prefer something more definitive.