Political Voting on a Blockchain. How can we make it happen?

With 2018 coming in the next few months, I’m just wondering what it would take to change the way politicians are voted in using blockchain technology. There is such technology that exists, or in the very least, it could be created.


Something crazy like a collapse of government infrastructure, hyper-inflation, and riots from all citizens.


haha right… politicians are the most corrupt in the world-selling them the idea that voters can vote utilizing the blockchain, takes away control as well as any chance of finagling the results.
However I would welcome it wholeheartedly.
If they intend to fix the voting booth 100%, then utilizing the blockchain would prevent any type of corruption.
However both parties would still try to circumvent it in someway- whether by Russian hackers or some Micro in a basement…


no chance. the political system benefits politicians, and they are going to keep it that way. at least in the US. people dont really vote in this country.

Before we even think about the blockchain, US needs to have every poling station vote the same way

you have 50 states and hundreds of counties. each one has there own way they conduct voting. there is no single, national, stardard on voting. although some states have a standard.

US has too many voting issues before it ever gets to blockchain

-Its no required everyone votes
-its not a holiday on election day for most
-there is no standard way to vote, no consistency between polls
-too much money in the system and not enough of it on infrastructure its all in campagins


Scary, a civil war in other words.


ya, that’s the exact problem. man, what can we do!!!

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