Pop - Send crypto to friends



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With Pop, you can send crypto (+gifs) to anyone with a mobile number! Bitcoin and other coins have made it a stressful and scary experience to send crypto, but Pop lets you send crypto to your friends with ease. Our company CBlocks has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance and other publications for our crypto-related products. Now we’re focused on making crypto easy to send!

Pop reduces the anxiety of sending crypto by letting you send to a @username or phone number! Pick the perfect gif for that Chipotle you split with your nerdy bitcoin friend or for the crypto-enthusiast, invite any of your friends via phone number.

Pop supports Litecoin, Bitcoin & Ethereum wallets. Your private keys are stored on device so you never have to worry about us losing your crypto - if that’s something you care about. Also, we offer full sync to iCloud so you never have to worry about losing your private keys - we highly recommend this.


  • Get a simple @username that people can use to send you crypto
  • No need to worry about managing private keys or public addresses
  • Sync your contacts to find friends already on Pop or invite new ones
  • Never worry about sending crypto to the wrong address
  • Store your credentials securely in iCloud for simple backup when switching phones
  • Dedicated customer service team with real humans, 7 days a week.


i haven’t tried this yet, but, it’s neat.