Predicoin market analysis / sentscore



Hi guys…

Just saw this site posted in a crypto facebook group ->
It’s only possible to use the site after creating a profile.

I’ve only used the site for 5 min, but i like the layout and the information, it seems they gather a lot of data from different sources and presents it nicely for the user… that could come in handy i think.

You might want to give it a go ? :wink:


With all due respect, and I dont mean to bring you down in any way. But i think a tool which is showing you a higher score for ripple nipple is a joke. After all they are taking their data from biased sources who are pushing XRP’s agenda. So it’s more like GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out)…


To be honest i’ve only spend 5 minutes on the site, just saw the site mentioned in a FB group, and my first thought was that it looked nice and sleek…

I get what you say about XRP, that project is not my cup of tea either :sunglasses:


Hi guys,

Thank you so much for sharing!

We are still in beta and tuning / improving our indicators.

We are not taking our data from “biased sources”: we track a large list of crypto news sites, SubReddit and Crypto twitter accounts. We are building our algorithms to better understand the sentiment among discussions and content, and take in consideration the influence of communities.

Yes we are tracking XRP, and it could get a higher score when we detect positive news and conversations. But we know that XRP is a lot debated over the crypto sphere… :slight_smile:

Happy to get more feedback and better understand how to improve our platform to better help you track the sentiment over the crypto market.