Preflogic: STO's The new future and hope

Just like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb these are companies disrupting established industries tackling them by offering lower costs and better technologies, Similarly ICOS attempted to undercut the most powerful established industries of all, The Wall street and financial system. Wall Street has long had monopoly on the initial capital formation stages and the ico’s attempted to disrupt that with accessibility for companies and investors combined with virtually zero overhead. But ultimately the icos low barrier to entry proved to be its doom. As low quality projects emerged that defrauded investors flew in the face of powerful governmental regulatory bodies.

Security Platform and tokens are the answer. It will be the blue chip investment king of the new digital economy. I do see tremendous opportunity for us, which are the security platforms. Security platforms are the instruments which help companies to create block chain based security tokens. It’s like how Icon will be a platform that will allow companies to build and launch their tokens on top of the Icon block chain. Major difference between Icon and these new STO platforms is the additional layers involved with a STO including developing the token itself as well as the processes such as regulatory management, services for investors, smart contracts and much more…

Last week tech crunch revealed that coin base had made its latest foray into becoming a security token issuer :slight_smile:


You all must have heard of polymath…But try googling polymath token scam and try to understand the value of the token, They are accepting KYC payments not in the poly token and certainly that’s quite concerning…They ICOED and now they’re trading on Binance which is really bad! Recently they announced Polymath core 2.0 upgrade. Poly also recently mentioned " In order to update core parts of our protocol while still allowing issuers to retain full control over any issued tokens, we only added upgradability to our registry and control contracts tokens generated through the protocol remain immutable although we are looking at innovative ways to tackle updating tokens in a future release of Ploymath core” . Which means probably polymath core 3.0 so this means they will be re-engineering their platform? Not GOOD POLY!!! But hey they at least did one good thing. Which is “ Being first in the market is better than having a better product"(22 immutable laws of marketing)

I personally want to see a STO platform that will cover all major SEC exempt offering types. That is why I am in support of Preflogic, because they meet all the requirements and do so in a manner superior to their competitors. This is where I would like @peter to cover this upcoming STO platform. I’ve looked into the white paper looks like a very solid promising project with a great team behind it. Peter can you please shed some light over it. Gracias.t

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