Price Manipulation / BCH Down 82% / Nasdaq / Facebook


$BTC (1:00 p.m. EST): $3,651.44 (-3.67%) // 90-day high: $7,382.19 // 90-day low: $3,604.14 / / More

$BCH ABC (1:00 p.m. EST): $115.71 (-14.06%) // 90-day high: $703.41// 90-day low: $112.32 // More

$ETH (1:01 p.m. EST): $96.85 (-7.04%) // 90-day high: $365.71 // 90-day low: $95.18 // More

$LTC (1:01 p.m. EST): $28.03 (-5.39%) // 90-day high: $74.80 // 90-day low: $27.23 // More

$XRP (1:01 p.m. EST): $0.32 (-4.53%) // 90-day high: $0.61 // 90-day low: $0.26 // More

1. United American Corp. has filed a lawsuit against Roger Ver, Bitmain, and the Kraken exchange. The suit claims that the parties manipulated the bitcoin cash network during and after the chain’s hard fork on November 15. United claims that a number of entities took control of the network using “rented hashing” to favor the adoption of Bitcoin Cash ABC. “It is clear that’s what supposed to be a democratic process was not, it was hijacked by the ABC camp,” said Lawry Trevor-Deutsch, VP of Corporate Affairs at UnitedCorp. –MARKET WATCH

2. Bitcoin cash has seen its price drop nearly 82 percent in the past month. The coin, which traded at $638 on November 6 was worth about $117 earlier today. The price of bitcoin cash surged at the beginning of November in anticipation of the hard fork. The conflict, though, between the BCH and BSV camps that was the root cause of the fork led to instability. Investors quickly moved away from both coins, leading to BCH to drop quickly. –CCN

3. Nasdaq will launch bitcoin futures in the first half of 2019, Joseph Christinat, the exchange’s vice president, said. Nasdaq has been preparing to add bitcoin futures for most of 2018. The exchange is still awaiting regulatory approval from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission before setting an exact date. While other exchanges have already launched futures products, the addition of Nasdaq is seen as a big step toward wider adoption of cryptocurrencies. –COIN TELEGRAPH

4. Facebook continues to struggle to get control of cryptocurrency scams. Despite the recent fall in bitcoin’s price, the amount of advertisements that promise riches through binary trading platforms continue to appear on the social network. Facebook banned all cryptocurrency ads last January only to reverse the policy a few months later. Since then scammers have used the platform to try to lure users into sending cryptocurrency for the chance at a larger return. –FORBES

  1. Bloomberg analysts have flouted the possibility of bitcoin hitting $1,500 per coin, a price far below what many in the crypto community deem logical. –NEWS BTC

  2. Norwegian fjords could hold the key to efficient bitcoin mining. –THE INDEPENDENT

  3. There are more than 1,500 restaurants in Denmark that accept bitcoin. –BITCOINIST

  4. Venture capitalist Tim Draper continues to hold his optimistic view of bitcoin, restating his belief that the coin will one day hit $250,000. –ETHEREUM WORLD NEWS

  5. Wired profiled MetaCert, a company that wants to use blockchain to stop phishing emails. –WIRED

  6. The US Air Force Institute for Technology has started promoting blockchain technology to improve supply chain management. –NEWS BTC
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Written and curated by David Stegon.