Price Watch using Google Sheet and Coinpuffs Data (Using plain and boring importxml)

I want to share what I came up with to help me monitor the prices of the cryptos I own or those that I plan to buy or sell. Let me know what you think!

I am a fan of spreadsheets so I came up with something to help me keep track of only those that I am interested in instead of going through the whole list in a web page. I also noticed that most of the GSheets /Excel utilize CMC versus Coinpuffs so I decided to use coinpuffs instead (Love our own!!!)

This sheet will highlight the cryptocurrencies that have met your set threshold (BTC value OR USD equivalent). The URLs in Column A also make it easier for you to look at the historical data and sends you directly to coinpuffs.

This Google sheet does NOT require any permissions or scripts.
Here is the link to the Sheet (just make your own copy and you’re set) ==> My Coinpuffs Watcher
Data is fetched from using only importXML and delays are inevitable

How to add more coins to the watch list:
Go to and copy the URL of the coin you want to add
Paste the URL in column A

How to configure the triggers:
Choose None if you don’t want anything to be highlighted
Choose Above or Below (Column E) and set your USD and BTC thresholds (Column F and G)
Write your plan in column J. Remove emotions from your trade and stick with your plan.
Once the threshold is reached it will highlight the row for easier viewing


Wow! Thanks for the badge @john
Glad that I can help give back to the community that you and @peter started!


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