Problems booting up my 1st GPU rig



I installed Windows 10 on a WD Blue SSD using another pc of mine; I’ve booted the OS on my PC so, I know it works. However, whem I plug the drive into my ASUS b250 motherboard, it recognizes the SSD, but it says “No bootable devices found.” Can one of you tell what’s up with it?


Have you gone into the bios of the motherboard and looked into the boot setting/order?


More than likely windows put its boot sector on one of the drives in your other computer. You should have the windows installer on a thumb drive then build windows fresh on the new system with only that HDD plugged in.


Ok I think I can pull that off. I appreciate the info.


Yeah I had to do this to get windows to work on one of my rigs. Then came about the stupid restarts to update the system despite the fact that you don’t want it to restart. Thus, I moved onto another OS strictly for mining. The good thing about loading windows though is you can use stuff like honeyminer. I know there’s a setting to disable all those updating action in windows I believe.

Also, coincidentally, I have this same motherboard and this was the perfect guide for me. It includes BIOS mods and ensuring the features in windows are disabled so your mining rig doesn’t get unnecessary interruptions.

Ultimately, I got sick and tired of windows and moved onto HIVE OS and its been good for me since I’m mining ethereum classic with the ethenlargementpill. No downloads needed with this OS to utilize the enlargement pill, just flip a software switch in settings and voila! Hashing 51mh/s and lowered my voltage is 160 watts. Initially was running close to 240 watts and was like wtf why so much power and my living is getting hotter and hotter lol…then lowered the voltage and things improved thereafter now my living room is cooler.


I’ve fixed the previous issues. Now…lol…I am trying to find the best way to convert my WD Blue SSD from MBR to GPT. Do you have any particular programs that you use?


Yes sir, I did. I ended up using Microsoft’s program that creates bootable drives. My problem now is that my SSD isn’t in the correct configuration to have an OS installed on it. I have to convert the drive from MBR to GPT. Any conversion program recommendations?


Just plug in a 8gb USB thumb drive and load HiveOS or SMOS so much simpler and can remote to the rig from where ever you are. Not trying to tell ya what to do tho lol :wink:


I know nothing about those OS’s. I may do that later, but for now I want to go with something that I know.


SMOS is almost plug and play!


I agree with this. HIVE OS is the best platform I’ve ever used compared to others. Plus they’re free to use up to 3 rigs then you pay monthly for more than 3 rigs. I remote in to monitor and control my whole rig system from my iPhone by adding the hiveos website to my iPhone home screen. I can change coins I wanna mine, overclock, turn on the ethenlargementpill with a flip of a switch within the site for my 1080 Ti’s and lower the watts usuage. Hive OS is literally plug and play, type in your user and password, then bam, you’re mining.


Screw it! Windows is driving me nuts right now! can you post the link to the Hive OS please sir?



Can I install this directly onto my SSD and plug the drive in and Voila?


Use a thumb drive! 20 word character max=)


I don’t have a thumb drive. I have a “drive drop usb interface.”



Just get a thumb drive from Amazon, a cheap one that has at least 16gb or higher if you want. Then upload HIVE OS onto this. To easily flash the drive, I used and it works FAST. This was the best flashing software Ive ever used and you could also do this when you’re loading windows to an USB stick as well, but just stick with HIVE OS, trust me as you’ll save time and headaches from trying to work with windows and installing all these various mining softwares that causes problems, If you’re willing to work through the issues with windows and mining software, go ahead, but for me, HIVE OS has everything you need. You can mine all the GPU mineable coins on here and choose from different algorithms and miner pools. You can also switch on the ethenlargementpill if you have a 1080 or 1080 Ti. If you wanna pay for mining services with less than 3 rigs, then go for SMOS. But if you want free software thats safe to use and highly reliable, HIVE OS is thee OS to use in my opinion. Check out my USB drive thats in the motherboard. Its so stable and reliable. I love it. Its amazing that its free and for hobby miners, its great because you can just have one rig with so many cards as the motherboard and PSU can handle, and it’ll still be counted as one worker.


I have gotten the OS up and running. However, I have a new problem in which I cannot find a solution for online and all of the computer repair shops in my town have no clue about mining.

Nicehash Legacy is detecting FOUR of my EIGHT RX580’s, but It gives me an error. I go into the device manager and all of the cards are showing, but 4 of them have yellow exclamation marks signifying an error.

I have tried rolling back my drivers to 3 different versions
I have switched around the cards into different PCI-e slots on my ASUS B250 mining expert
I have swapped out all of my risers

Nothing is working


I would try to isolate the problem.
Try one GPU at a time to make sure it works properly. If it works add the next one and so on.

Also make sure you use the AMD Crimson ReLive driver for your mining rig and that the driver is installed for all your cards.

Instead of using Nicehash Legacy you may want to look at Awesome Miner