Proof Erik Zhang Works For Binance! Neo Left Behind! Exclusive Blocknet Leak!


Has good info,very annoying delivery but interesting info.


Ya know what Amorfati, ive been following this dude for a bit now.
On the surface, i think he turns off people because he seems really quirky and just does not seem knowledgeable…until you REALLY listen to him.

He does is research…is a bit bias but he has a few other videos showing some very concerning things regarding binance.

I love binance but it seems they may be into some shady stuff, including pump and dumps.


I’m a Chico hater, but every once in awhile he delivers some pretty solid content. This video is incredibly damning for Neo and Binance.


Yes,from my experience living in China I can say that it is a pretty common practice among Chinese companies to steal IP from other companies,they would not be ashamed of this at all.


Dude, he has a series on Binance.
I should link it here…

Makes you think twice about things.


Yeah, I actually watch all his video. Half are fantastic, while the other half are childish trash. You never know with Chico.


Agree with you 100 percent.
But the binance stuff was shocking to be honest.


I think Chico lost the plot. He left Cali to move to Miami to be near his video editor and its been a gradual decline in his content since then. Maybe his homesickness has caused him to seek out hit pieces in the crypto space. As for his stance on NEO, everything was hunky dory until he saw CryptoBud hosting a NEO event in Amsterdam last year. If you checked out his livestream after the fact, he came across as a jilted lover. The guys insecurities are playing out in front of everyone. Now hes sold his NEO position because the NEO subreddit has given him the ol’ heave ho. As if Da Hongfei gives a shit :joy:


He stated a few solid reasons for getting rid of his NEO besides what you speculated.


Possibly so…but he also provided documented proof… I think he still holds alot of ONT tho.
I got back into NEO also, but im not going to simply ignore the stuff going on because I “like” a certain crypto.
Ill call out bad stuff if im liking it or not based off facts.


Thats fair. And im not discounting the proof he provided either. Im just shedding light on the fact that due to his large investment in NEO (he put 5k into NEO at $1.42) and his coverage of NEO on his channel, he felt slighted by Da that he chose CryptoBud to host the Amsterdam event. It was almost like he felt they owed it to him or something. After that, he said he would no longer promote NEO on his channel as a result. That, to me, is petty. So from that point on im sure he was looking for something, anything on NEO to show them in a bad light. My issue with some of his recent stuff is its mostly negative. I think he recently went after BlockchainBrad too if you know he is. Hes a real salt of the earth type guy, completely uncalled for.Its a shame because i remember some of his Elastos sidechain videos & stuff like that, they were fantastic. I wish he’d focus on the positive a bit more and put down the ax that hes seemingly had to grind because when hes on, Tyler is one of the best.


So what is the main narrative here surrounding Erik Zhang, or Erick or Eric lol?
From what I understand there are two different Erick Zhang and Eric Zhang. One that works for Neo and another that works for Binance.

Is CZ lying about the questions Eric had for Blocknet and why?
He addressed it a bit on Ivan on Tech but he made it sound like business as usual.

Is Chico Crypto just mad that Neo used his banner saying he was an adviser at their conference in Seattle but did not actually invite Chico? lol

I remember watching Chico’s livestream a few weeks ago with him complaining about this. He made a point to note that Neo owed him an apology.

Im am curious to see if Chico’s claim that Max Keiser wants to interview him comes to fruition.


Chico actually addressed this in a follow up video. Apparently they’re one and the same.

Hard to say what it fact here though, as Chico likes to use opinion and fact interchangeably at times.


What will this hold for the future of NEO and binance long-term?


I hear you guys…but weather he has an axe to grind or not…what does the facts he present show?
Regardless of his emotions, the facts should stand on their own.


I didn’t really feel there was was enough in this

Evidence -Yes Binance will try and steal intellectual property if a company is willing to hand it over, business can be shady. I personally wouldn’t have handed all that info over to a direct competitor…

Eric, Eick, Erik… wasn’t enough evidence to say this is the same person, surely you would know how to spell your own name?


100% agree.

Although in regards to the spelling, it’s not Erik who is spelling his own name wrong, but rather both NEO and Binance, who have misspelled it repeatedly on their website, press releases, articles, etc.


Yep that’s the only small piece of saving grace but it was an email account used as evidence. I.E editing the document.

You would think if you were setting up your work email address you would get it right or if work set you an email account with the wrong name you would get them to change it. Doesn’t look good when you corresponding to anyone if a tech company can’t change an email address. It’s too much of a simple fix.


Yeah. When you break it down, clearly binance is shady as hell and completely dishonest.


He said it in the video