Proposal: Next Generation Hardware Wallets

Recently I’ve been thinking about the shortcomings of cryptocurrencies and transactions. If we truly want to transform the world economy with distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies, then we need to be able to make our transactions directly on our hardware wallets and to move our transactions away from mainland internet when necessary.

I’m thinking “mesh networks over WiFi”. Give hardware wallets very spesific way of communication abilities over wifi and mesh networks can provide a transaction gateway for hardware wallets. So the transactions can be done directly on hardware wallets. WiFi can go a long way even in countries that has no internet access or kind of internet ban. A feasible way to conduct this might be as following:

- Build a hardware wallet with WiFi that can hold and list all coins/tokens seperately
- Make the wallet connect to a decentralized exchange of user’s preferrence to buy and sell
- Also allow mesh networking for TXs in case of no internet

When you think about it, WiFi devices like routers and access points are easily accessible and relatively cheap in today’s world. Covering a city or a country with WiFi networks must be easier than fiber obtic cables.

Feel free to share your opinion and criticize!


How about integrating secure element chips to smartphones and allow apps to communicate with it? It would work like Ledger wallets work with PCs.


I think you make a lot of good points here and it is all infrastructure that needs to be built although if I understand the context here correctly I think you are putting the cart before the horse.

All of these things will come in due time as the technology of the crypto currencies mature. I think by the time we get to the point of these items being relevant there will only be a few crypto’s left. Once the pack has been culled it will be much easier to build such an infrastructure as there will be fewer variables in the mix and the developers of both software and hardware will be able to focus and optimize.

With regards to WiFi. Those networks exist in many large city areas but they use the fiber on the back end anyhow. I see more networks like the Lightning network being more relevant than creating a specific WiFi network for hardware wallets.

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