Proposed CoinPuffs v0.30 Updates



Although we’re super-busy focusing most of our time and attention on #yen (and finishing up the last round of work on #cryptoyum…)… we think there’s more of an opportunity than every before to make CoinPuffs better than some of the “other” services out there.

Consequently, here are some of the things that @peter and I have chatted about that we might consider for the next update… these are quite large:

  • Personalization: Create an account, create your own “watchlist”… user registration, essentially.
  • More Views: Separate page to track the winners and losers better and more easily. Toggle to show “Featured” coins as well.
  • Calculator: Adding some more useful tools like this.

Anything else?


6 month compare chart sometimes i get N,aN% or something is it normal

with your Pub credentials or a new login?


How many watchlists can you create?

I’d like to create multiple watchlists (or groupings as I’d refer to them)


  • utility coin grouping/ portfolio
  • shitcoin grouping/ portfolio
  • Other groupings

Basically give us a new field in the database that we can use to group/ sort

Also a field display chooser/ order function would kick some serious ass.


Anyway to put in an alarm feature?
I am currently using Blockfolio alarm and it is not loud nor long enough to get my attention.


wasn’t this will pump site cost up ?


calculator for cheapest way to buy an altcoin would be nice. For example best way to go from USD in coinbase to your altcoin of choice in say binance for example. So many choices like buy btc/eth/ltc then transfer then by usdt then bnb then altcoin…if that makes sense.


unsure. but, good question.


not significantly… no… but, if it did… that would be a consequence of more views… and more users… which is a good thing.


looking into the calculator…