PUB 101 - New User Kickstarter!


PUB 101

YOU are now a part of the #CRYPTONATION and we are so pumped you’re here! Literally, we are ecstatic. We want to get to know you and hear about your goals and support you in your mission to the moon. Please INTRODUCE YOURSELF!!! Our pub crawlers are eager to say hello.

Also, tell us where you are on the map! We love seeing the Cryptonation form! Share your post on this thread.


We say some funny things around here and we are mostly influenced by our fearless leader, @peter the DOGE LORD. If you find yourself saying things like “YOOOOOOOOoooooo” and “SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON” and you want to know where these phrases come from, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the Doge Dictionary wiki and feel free to participate!

You may or may not start sounding like Peter. That’s quite alright. We all do.


This forum is full of helpful people and some of the most helpful people you will meet are the Moderators! These guys and gals are community volunteers and they are here to serve you and help make this place great.

A little bit about who they are and what they do, check out Our Community Leaders post and learn a bit more about the team. We are forming into Community Teams where each group helps serve specific areas of the Pub.

Does the idea of being a Moderator interest you? Let us know if you want to be considered!



  1. Before you create a post, be sure you take a look at where your post belongs. The Preview Screen on the right will tell you if your post looks similar to something already in the Pub and will allow you to see how your post looks visually. This is a forum with some organization in the background and we want to help keep things nice and tidy.

Navigate to the top right of the screen
21 PM

Making Posts Cool and Clear:

Below is your post and messaging tool kit:
51 PM

  1. 57 PMRespond w Quotes - use an existing quote in your response on a post
  1. B - bold it. you know it!
  1. I - italicize
  1. 52 PM Hyperlink - because clicking on links is easier this way.
  1. 47 PM Block Quote - create an block within your post like this section :slight_smile:
  1. 35 PM Prefformated text - embed some code
  1. 28 PM Upload an image - you know, pictures are worth a thousand words…but only in png, and jpeg formats. THANKS!
  1. 11 PM Bullets - organize with bullets
  1. 16 PM List - create a list with numbers
  1. H - Header
  1. 09 PM Dash - separation line - :point_down:

  1. 00 PM Emojo’s Yooooo :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:!!!
  1. 48 PM Gear - add lots more cool options for things like
    Responding with a canned reply
    Hiding Details
    Creating a blur spoiler This text will be blurred
    Building a poll


  1. The forum lets you see everyone - if you want to start sending a message to a user, simply search for their name, select it and click MESSAGE. The Message/Post tool belt is the same! See above details for more tricks on crafting your messages. See… just one click away.

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  1. Create Topic - Click the Home Bitcoin Pub Icon (top left) > Navigate to the top left corner of your menu > and select “new topic” to get started.
    12 AM

  2. Search First- As you start to get ready to make a post, be sure to search first in the search que on the top right and be sure to hit the “Show More” option at the bottom of the search returns. If you don’t find exactly what you need, post away and start the conversation. 42 AM

  3. Categorize - When you post a topic, be sure to take a look at how it should be categorized so that it shows up in the most appropriate spot. The help preview screen on the right will also guide you a bit if your topic meets similar categories.

  4. Videos - If you are thinking about posting a video, its good to share some context about why you are sharing it. We love videos but in a forum style format, context is important otherwise, we end up feeling like a video repository. :0 Here is a good recent example of a Cryptonaut posting a video and giving us some context… also, it was categorized just perfectly!

This user:

  • Told us about the video and its importance
  • Gave us a small summary of its content
  • Categorized it to the right section



There are TONS of tools and resources available here but to get you started on a path towards really knowing what you want to do in your crypto journey, the best place to start is through the B90X program.

This is a step by step, 90 day journey in understanding how you can get started as a cryptonaut in a detailed course that gets you learning more than you bargained for.

The forum is broken up in a few sections:

BEGINNERS & HELP - you guessed it… things to get you started and answer some questions.

EVENTS - our Pub gathers sometimes in real life (IRL) join the next event near you!

THE WATERCOOLER - anything goes, tech, hobbies, good books, funny memes- bring it!

BITCOIN - any and all bitcoin related information

WALLETS & EXCHANGES - tons of tips, lists and information related to wallets and exchange tools

ALT COIN - “alternative coins” -coin reviews, news, information and lots and lots of it

GENERAL TRADING STRATEGIES - information not coin specific but deals with market psychology, day trading, trading tech, etc.

COIN AMA - for leadership teams of coins and allow us to engage with them on the value of their technology and vision.

B90X - that program you should enroll in!

COUNTRY SPECIFIC - yep! we are international!

POLITICS & SOCIETY - how the world is affected by bitcoin and blockchain technology

MINING & HARDWARE - your resource for all things mining, support and hardware

MEME & DOGE - we meme, we doge and have a dog gone good time

META- this is the site feedback category aka a discussion about the discussion

BAZAAR - sales, job postings, trade wares, requires trust level 1 but, all interest welcome


Around here, we encourage LOTS of research. We believe that data is the only way to destroy fear, uncertainty and despair (FUD). We want you to feel empowered to do your own research and we have gathered a lot of useful spreadsheets you can download and use FREE here. Check out of few google spreadsheet gems below:

Oh… so you want a sticker huh? Fantastic!!! We want you to also! There is so much great news, tools and help resources available at the Pub for FREE, we have provided a way for all of our pub crawlers to give back through our Patreon account. Every Patreon dollar goes to helping support the cost of running our servers and moving this forum forward. You can learn more about our Patreon program here.

We will continue to add more content to this post but wanted to give you a simple help guide that shows you the general Pub layout! Have questions or something to add? Great! Throw your suggestions in below and we will be sure to keep this information as up to date as possible!

To The Moon :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:!!!

Great Links NEEDED!
Hello Pub! Help on my morning/night routines!
@SpicyC Earns the SO AMAZE :doge: Badge! :rocket:

Incredible post! Thanks for putting it all together like this :slight_smile:


outstanding had to click on the DogeLords wiki.


The canonical new user starter kit. So rad. :muscle:t3:


Can we highlight #2 in Topics and Video? So many people are posting a topic that’s already been talked about a handful of times… specifically when there’s FUD that comes out. As we grow it’s only going to become more prevalent.

Btw… this is great!


Yes! Great feedback here. I’ll look at making some updates on that section.


Jesus behemaouth!!

No wonder your called spicy, this is on fire!

No seriously; this is time and dedication.

Thank you so much Spicy for doing this. Looks bloody brilliantly if I do say so myself.

Give this lady a BitCoin


Jesus this is a nice welcome kick start pack just to say again!

Lmao I have missed so much progress in 6 days!

6 days and look where we are.


This was so well done!! Blown away, actually.


Welcome! It’s great to have you On Board! :cowboy_hat_face: “Buckle In” and come on in the “Spaceship” :rocket: to the :full_moon: here in the Bitcoin Pub Yooooo! :doge:
[PUB 101 - New User Kickstarter!]
Click this Link :point_up: If you have question we will do our very best to assist you! :beer: “Cheers!”


Changed the Welcome Link :wink:


awesome! thank you!!


Really great info - thanks for your efforts!