Pub Interview with Peter :)

Hi Peter,
Just been accumulating a few questions about you lately…
Wanted to ask them all here & make it a bit like a pub interview/dialogue…
Maybe we could make pub interviews with each of our moderators in the future similar to this :slight_smile:

Just wondering if you could share with us publicly( if you don’t mind ):

Sleeping: Do you ever sleep man? You are always giving heart to everyone in the pub… Looks like you sleep maybe 4 hours?
How do you survive?
If I dont sleep 2 days in a row for 7 hours, the third day, I am like a zombie…

Your diet: What do you eat? I know you like your scrambled eggs, blueberries and korean bbq… Anything else that is special which gives you energy? Which you think we should try?

Your energy: Being active and coming up with ideas and grinding, how do you not run out of steam?
What do you do when you run out of steam?

Teeth health: What toothpaste do you use ? Any tips for our pub members ?

What is your favourite crypto wallet?

What is the third coin that you like the most? BTC is #1 and chuck is #2 :slight_smile:

What is your favourite category in the pub?

Who are the three people you wished bought Bitcoin and joined the

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


This is a great thread. I have my own questions. In your videos, you are always smiling, happy and full of energy. You have done very well for yourself with your bitcoin investment and your start up exits. However, I am more interested in the struggles and hardships you had to overcome to get to the point you are at now? How did you deal with going broke? bad memories and experiences? who helped you to keep going?
Like I said I am personally more interested in the struggle that successful people endured to achieve success rather than the success itself. It’s great that you are so positive and optimistic but if the dark negative times are not highlighted it gives an inaccurate depiction of the journey.


This is a great thread… and something that folks can post questions to for future videos for @peter! Great idea!!


I very much like this thread. Perfect for b90x! I shall respond.


Thanks man. Appreciate it.
Cannot wait!


Genius idea. I think it would be great to have @booins answer some as well. :slight_smile:️ We know that behind the man is a woman who knows him better than anyone. :wink:


What kind of flooring is in your garage? When you get that winter road grime can you just spray it down?


Triple 7 works great for this! :cowboy_hat_face:


Moved this to COIN AMA sub category.
I know it seems weird. But here’s the point:

Ask me anything. This will be an asynchronous thread of sorts.

HAVE A PERSONAL QUESTION FOR ME? Drop a comment. I promise to get to every. Single. One.

<3 Dogelord.


Sleep - I discipline my sleep schedule like everything else. It must be timeboxed to get maximum sleep for my needs. I survive through disciplining my WHOLE life.
A disciplined schedule may seem crazy, but you’d be surprised how productive you are when you timebox… EVERYTHING.

Diet - I eat damn well. I have to work out too. My wife makes great healthy food and I don’t worry about “cheat days.” I don’t believe in them. Cheat days puts in your mind that it’s ok to slack. No. There is never a time to slack when you have a mission and purpose for your life.
I see my body as the best machine I’ll ever have. I should feed it right, and FULLY, all the time.

Energy - This comes from vision, mission, and purpose. I am doing a good work and cannot come down. You know you’ve found your passion whenever you get excited talking about something for extended periods of time.
Remember, you are what you think about.
Likewise, you are what you talk about.

Toothpaste - I don’t know how many people tell me I have nice teeth. Lol. Genetics. I use a electronic toothbrush. Those are the best. Toothpaste? Don’t matter. Just use something light.

Cryptowallet? - Exodus. I don’t use mobile wallets. Most unsafe ever.

Favorite coin besides chuck and bitcoin? - :doge: … and in the near future… my own.

Favorite category in the Pub? - Watercooler and B90X. I like to see who’s sticking in the long game! I troll every single thread. And, I make it a goal every night to READ every single post.

Three people I wish joined the Pub? - There are more than 3 people. I have screenshots of every single person I’ve emailed and asked to join the Pub. I keep these emails as a keepsake. Why? Because those that ignore you will soon realize that they shouldn’t have. Especially when what I am building will make everyone better. For those that ignore the opportunity for free learning, an awesome community, and daily encouragement, they will fall away.

You know what we have that no other community has? We have people who can SUPPORT each other through the hard times. And they will come. Who do other people have when hard times come? Nobody. They have to rely on inner strength alone. This can work… for a while… but having a community to support you ensures a longer lifespan.

Mark my words. 5 years from now, many of the people you enjoy watching today in the crypto space will no longer be here. Why? They haven’t had a community that can support them for the long run. I’ll be here. Trust me. I ain’t going nowhere.


Interested in my failures? - Yes. I’ve failed a ton. In many ways, most startup entrepreneurs aren’t startup entrepreneurs. They think they are. But they aren’t.

A real startup entrepreneur is one who has lost everything. If you listened to my podcast with Grey Jabesi and I did, you’ll see that I talk about how I lost everything. I had to shit in plastic bags and paper plates. No, I’m not embarrassed by this. This is real startup life.

What is failing? - Simply put, failing is life’s way of telling you to try something else. It’s actually a powerful thing! Life is telling you to try again, try something else, move on, don’t waste your time on it. Pivot, learn, execute, faster.

What kept me going? - Simple. The desire to improve. I’m never satisfied with my station in life. I want to prove over and over and over again that I can achieve ANYTHING I put my mind to. You’d be surprised how impressive you can be. You’d also be surprised at what you can achieve when you give it your all.

You are correct though. 99% of startups is the grind. Nobody wants to talk about it. You guys who have been with me since day 1, you know how much work @john and I put in. Nobody gives you props for 20 hour days for months and months and months. Nobody gives you credit when you’re failing and losing and learning and pivoting and experimenting and failing again. Nobody cares. They just like the fanfare… like buying a Lambo. Buying a Lambo is what it is. I bought it, guess what? The next day, I put in another 20 hour day.


Garage flooring - Custom built by a contractor. I designed it on a designing system and sent it to him to build for me. I customize all my shit my man.

Yes, pressure wash it works fine! Plus, I live in Georgia. We don’t have to deal with all the crap that northern folk have to deal with: ice, snow, salt, etc etc.

Here it is when I just finished it:


Thanks for sharing ur inspirational life @peter, I totally agree with what you said about this community! I’ve never been into social networks, don’t even have a Facebook account, but this Pub you’ve built for us is the bomb! So my question is, what does the Dogelord do for fun with the Fam?


Fun with family? - Hang out at home. We are pretty much homebodies. I like to play with the kids and go out to eat. We are actually very simple creatures.
I obviously bring the fam to car shows, car races, car events. We love our cars :slight_smile:


Your own coin! I’m looking forward to THAT! Count me in! (and also to creating my own someday too, but I’ll have to learn to code first, or find a smokin’ team!)


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