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Yo Pub,
I know we have a lot of interesting and talented people in our community.

If you have a youtube, vimeo or Bit.Tube channel, throw links to your videos. Let’s get involved with each other and support each other’s growth!

I personally have a mix of Crypto Music I produce, some entertainment and some technical education on my channel.

This video series is going through the White Papers for different crypto blockchains.

I also have some of that EDM.

Where are you fam?



My channel’s primary focus is on all things horror. You will find horror news, movie/book reviews, game reviews / game play, horror events/conventions, creepy pasta, and the list goes on…

Anywho the page JUST started adding content so currently there is only game footage at the moment but that is going to change very shortly.


Dude , creepy pasta is so good. Do more of those.


This is my channel. Totally forgot about that old name. Lol! Nate Escape. Lol



THE CORGI LORD - rnwcorgi





Lol! I dont know why I can never get gifs to work.


love this thread. sharing it!


Channel is Crypto Dane and it is a channel combining my two passions, Cryptocurrency and Great Danes. Cover everything from unboxing, product reviews, training segments with a training program in the works, baking and DIY dog treats (baked and smoked) ------> see you guys there, link is below:


My channel is mostly about crypto economics…but I’m starting to try and branch it out a little bit…


Your channel get’s into some serious topics. I love that head first approach.


Great Idea.




If anyone is into Anime and Manga I do live reactions & reviews to the newest chapters.


Your channel is seriously a cool hangout.



My peoples! Im in here to do the damn thing. My channel is for beginners ready to learn the crypto game!