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hello guys, if you are interested in topics from martial arts to cutting edge dentistry, hop over to my channel and check it out





Hi Azeus. What is a good age to start children on martial arts and what form is best for children?


HI Pirlo75,

for children it really doesn’t matter, typical age i would say minimal 4 years old, they need to be able to listen to commands and not cause problem for others.
I would find an instructor who is good at getting kids to follow orders and well versed. He/she not need to be nice, but treat kids with respect.
Kids will more likely to learn social order than any useful martial arts


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Ran many experiments resulting in my channel being banned. New Channel is here with my girl doing Asmr.


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Not a pub channel, but here’s a great tool to understanding how YouTube metrics work and how everyone can stay updated on changes that could affect your reach and audience. Every major update to the algorithm is explained by YouTube staff here.


come all and check my stuff out. I’m just getting started. my focus is mining and mining hardware. I also cover news too. see what I have to offer and ask questions. interact and learn with me. I would love to pass any knowledge I have to all that’s willing to listen. hope to see you all there my friends!!!


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Here’s my channel, I am a car enthusiast (crypto is my second hobby :grin:):


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