Pub/YEN Meetup - May 2019


Hey Folks, we’re gearing up for a community meetup in May! We’re looking at a one-day event on Saturday, May 4, 2019 in California, Bay Area (San Francisco/San Jose).

Here’s a short form where you can express interest so we can start looking at venues and other planning. For folks that came to Atlanta in Oct, there’s also a space to give feedback on what you liked/improvements. We’re also asking for suggestions on a late summer/fall meetup, so fill it out even if May doesn’t work for you.

This isn’t the registration (where we’ll have specific location + headcount) (that to come in March). You’re covering your own travel + lodging, but no event/registration fees. Meals for the event will be covered by us.

Please fill out the interest form by next Friday, Feb 22.



is this going to be in ATL again?


It’ll be in the BAY AREA, SAN FRAN


I won’t be able to make this one. :sob: That’s prime farmers market time :upside_down_face: dang it.


hmm,If i make it to the meetup, i’ll make sure i go to hiking around Yosemite or one of john muir’s trial.


Going to be big! Excited to see everyone there!!


Nemisist and I will be there. Flight already booked. Found an awesome deal.


Can’t wait to meet you both!! ^^


:cry: We will miss you!


We’ll miss you. Let us know if you have a location preference for a late summer/fall one!


I’m super sad :cry: hopefully I can make the next one.


Sure thing. Thanks bunches!


yooooooooo! i’m stoked because i don’t have to :airplane:.


I was kinda looking forward to :airplane: :rofl: I really wanted to take a :steam_locomotive: tho. Make a long trip out of it.


Might need to look at this deal!!


I went through Kayak. Round trip Chicago to San Fransisco $533. For 2 people


Wait…what happened to the ICX $100 Seoul Korean BBQ meet?!



CLearly it won’t happen anytime soon.


That’s awesome news! :facepunch: I’ll see you guys there!


Vegas should always be on the short list :wink::beers: