Pub/YEN Meetup - May 2019


dang i am working that day… decisions decisions…

May the 4th be with me


Let me know when this is (will be final) would like to book my tickets/stay travel plans as early as possible. Already approve with my work schedule - easy to cancel if changed. TY for this. :hulksmash:


Any chance of ever having a met up in New York City?


NYC was my first pub/yen meetup… i should get back there…


Sounds like a plan. :yenio:


I’d say it’s about as final as possible. We’re looking at booking some venues soon and I’ve already purchased my plane ticket.


I’m unfortunately out. This date is right in the middle of graduation hoopla… however, once my lil bird has left the nest ya’ll won’t be able to keep me away from anything!!! LOL


San Francisco !! Oh Yeah!!


What is the airport code closest to the event? :cowboy_hat_face:


SFO will be the closest.

SJC might be cheaper but it’ll be a ways out side of San Francisco.


I’ll be there getting flights now.


Flight & Hotel Booked! :hulksmash:


Larkspur Landing Milpitas Looked Good & close to San Fran :sunglasses:


Great, see you there!


Dang! Gonna Miss my ‘Farm Pal’ :cry: GO DIRT! :cowboy_hat_face:


was able to move my schedule with work on 5/4 so i can party with you peeps
flights booked, flying out with my wife friday night


MASSIVE loot and swag will be given away at this MEETUP!

We have:

  • Trezors
  • HODL Hats (limited run)!
  • Shirts
  • Stickers
  • MOAR!!!

You’ll probably want to be there.


Possibly. Got some calendaring stuff to work with. I’ll see what I can do.

Keep me in the loop.


Dang, i think the fiance is going to want me to be there for the wedding shower. I’ll update if i’m able to get it moved.


I really want to make this event. I might try to get a buddy pass out of Atlanta from my sis-in-law who works for Delta. I missed the one in Atlanta, even though I’m here, so I have catching up to do.