Pub/YEN Meetup - May 2019


I’m definitely taking 3 days off work and spending $4K on flights and hotels to come get a free t-shirt and HODL hat.


Yeh. I guess my selling points aren’t that valuable to you.
You also haven’t been around long. Only Feb 5. So you don’t know the cultural value you’ll miss.

Here is our first ever in Atlanta


I’m looking at hotels, but not sure where to look. What general area are you guys looking at? The wife might join me now. LOL.


@sukim Do we have event times yet? I am trying to decide if I fly in on Friday or can get in Sat. morning.


We’ll go 11-8pm on the Saturday so it gives folks some room to fly in/out day of. (meals to bookend the times)


Thanks. Looking forward to it if I can get things worked out!


Is there an event other than chillin with the squad?


But I’m 99% sure I’ll be there.


MORE Meetup details:

Feedback we heard on previous meetup and have factored into decisions:

  • Would like more time than just the dinner as one group
  • Would like to be one space (instead of hopping around)
  • Would like some structured content, speakers
  • Would like everything to be nearby (don’t have to drive around)
  • Best part was meeting folks and getting to know them
  • Liked being congregated one hotel | But also liked being in a city with options

Based on the feedback, here is what the meetup is shaping up to be.

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019

Time: 11am-8pm (lunch & dinner included). We'll be unofficially hanging out @ 9:30am for breakfast.

Coming in earlier? Join us for escape rooms Friday night (8pm)

Location: in the SoMa district of San Francisco (specific address will be sent during registration) . Public transit: Closest BART station: Powell; Closest airport: SFO

Hotels nearby: To allow for various price points, here are hotels within 5-10 min walking distance (less than 0.5 miles) to venue. There are bunch more within walking distance, and the city isn’t spread out, we’ll all be closeby.

Day of:

We’re still working on the content but it’ll be a mix of meals, open conversation/hangout time, workshops, and stations where you can participate in:

  • Workshops about starting a blog, building brand
  • Discussions around industry happenings
  • Photo sessions (for yourself/spouse/family)
  • Photo booths (take your memories home)
  • Feedback sessions/focus group on potential product features
  • And more…

What’s next?

  • The best part of these meetups is you. How would you like to participate and be present, let us know!
  • We’ll be reaching out to those of you that were interested in volunteering to help shape the gathering.
  • We’ll be opening up an official registration form next week , so we can get more info on +1 and 2s.
  • Because of space constraints, there is a cap of 70. We’ll keep you updated as registrations come in.


Thanks Su! Ticket is purchased!


BOOKED!!! Flying in Friday around lunch.


Nemisist and I will be arriving around the same time.



Hey everyone, Meetup registration form is up! It should take 30 seconds, so everyone who already said they’re coming, please fill it out so we have a clear headcount.

We’ll leave registration open until April or until we hit capacity, but please fill out it as soon as you know!



Anyone Know what Hotel the majority is staying at, Wanna try and do this like Atlanta Was a lot easier everyone being in one place maybe we can get a count here before April and do a block!
Whats Everyones Thoughts?


Count me in for Saturday night.


I have a room booked for Nemisist CryptoMykel and I at the I have been trying to reach someone to see if I can reserve a block of rooms and perhaps a meeting room to hangout in. I looks like rooms for that weekend are disappearing quickly at all of the hotels.


@Isukanda001. Please check your YEN messages.


I have heard back from the Sales manager at the Americania hotel.
The offer that was presented to me was not worth taking. It was $5/ room price less than is available through @ $135/ night. with an added charge $900 for a room to hang out in for a day and a $19/ person charge for a continental breakfast. I am disappointed to say the least, but still hoping others will join us at this hotel as it seems to be the most reasonable priced for the area.
Still VERY excited to see everyone again!!!


What does everyone think about this as a place for some people to stay and hang out at.
It is a higher cost but split between people it will cut the cost and giver everyone a place to hang after the meet up.
Let us know ASAP.


Interesting idea. But it looks like 1 bed per room. That puts it around $200/night.